Sunday, April 27, 2008

1day trip at Taman Pertanian Malaysia

This trip was planed few years ago, but always didnt manage to go due to... don really know where's the location.... haha.. i know it's a lame excuse.. but still here we are... i always love outdoor activities.. and this trip.. was really great....

okay... so i have did some research about this place... thru other bloggers' comments.. this place are under maintainace... or maybe i read so much of negative comments.. the place actually seem better than i expected.. hahahaha.... *bravo....

*Taman Pertanian Malaysia... is 1,290ha park in Shah Alam.
There are also picnic areas, nature trails, public facilities and open-air amphitheatres. we can camp there, bbq there and even flyingfox theree.... so BIGGGG.....


i got up in the late morning.. which is around 11... prepare sandwiches and wait for my fren to come and pick us up... so... here goes...

it's almost 45mins from Damansara...once we reach there... the first thing we did was... BICYCLE... which is our main reason to come all the way here and fight with the sun... i havent been riding... for like 10yrs~ OMG... and it's really tiring~

so... there are 2type of bicycle.. NEW & OLD

Bicycle Rates

NEW : RM5 and follow by RM1 for each hour OLD : RM3 and follow by RM1 for each hour

so our first stop was the padi field... and there's a place for us to sit and eat... our lunch.. haha.. haven't start cycle but we eat first...

ok, so we did stole some rice.. haha.. and it's really rice.. FRESH from the plant.. *wink*

than next.. keep on cycling up hills and than.. it's the animal zoo...OMG.. it's really a scary slope.. going up.. i almost cant catch my breath when riding up there... the animal world, nothing much to see. but there's a white parrot just in front of the main gate... at first.. it didnt pay attention to us.. until i started argue with my fren.. and than.. the parrot start screaming.. was not really sure what's it's saying.. but it's kinda sounds like... *soh gua* which means stupid in cantonese.. haha...

going futhere down... you will see a lake that provide kayaking service.. but, no one is around.. so.. tak jadi kayak~

infront of the lake... there's a *pondok*... a very tall's really windy up there... ohya... forget to mention that the *pondok* have a rope tie to the other side of the lake.... i guess this is the place that we can go for the skytrex adverture... *flyingfox....

after that, we went to the pool side.. just to rest and kap luis.. hahaha... look at their headache face.. than u'll know how the luis look like lo.. hehhee

after chilling and resting at the pondok... so.. we have to continue our journey... there's another main attraction in TPM was the season house.. which they have different season in selected month.. this time.. it was spring... the weather is between 7~12celcius.. which it's really cold to me... coz i scare of cold... hehe.. but it's really enjoyable place to see look see look~

our group pic in the season room~

i love this pic.. when 3 of them... were still buddies....

so, our last station of today's trip was opposite the lake.. it's a very tall pondok that build with trees and woods...

TPM uncle bus.. hehe

me and ice and bus final pic of the day... me and my ride... *wink*

Taman Pertanian Malaysia

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,

40000 Shah Alam,

Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel : (603) - 5510 6922 / 5510 6923

Fax: (603) - 5510 0922

Operating hours :Tues thru Sun : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm( Closed on Mondays, except on public and school holidays)
Taman Pertanian Malaysia