Thursday, September 24, 2009

attention pls

dear reader or who ever who just drop in to this blog... as u know that now i am learning stage in photography.. so i would like to try to take pic of more faces... so who ever are interested to be my model.. do inform me... drop me a comment and we shall arrage time...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

got tanned @ 1U carpark... sweat*

my DSLR almost been burried by 10cm thick dust * it's like been ages since the last cottonrainbow's shooting....
so.. here's some of the photos i picked to edit... really lazy to edit the whole folder... 11pics took me 4hours k...

hehehehee... all of us got tanned @ the carpark... so... anyone who doenst want to travel all the way to the beach.. here's a good place for u to get tan...LOVE IT.. *wink*

Monday, September 21, 2009

my emo frens... LoL

haven been posting for sometime already... nothing much about my life.. didnt go anyway.. i've been sick for like whole month, toothache, fever, headache, sorethoat... and now.. finally.. i'm fully recover... *i guess*

anyway.. these photos was taken during my secondary school gathering... there's more pics.. but i'm really lazy to edit... so here... pics of my EMO frens.. Lol

that's all for now la.. maybe i will try to edit more photos.. and post it.. I TRY MY BEST...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

let's explore KL~ feeling patriotic....

30th july 2009

finally.. i manage to take the KL hop on hop off ride... i planed it since the service started like last year* and i assume that the service is good since it's like quite sometime d... (but full of dissapointments...)


the first stop was located at malaysia tourism center... *dunno where???? BESIDE ZOUK.. LOL

tickets are available on the bus or authorise agent.


standard price is RM 38 (24 hours) and RM 65 (48hours)

student price RM 17 (24hours) and RM 29 (48hours)


mykad promotion adult ticket RM19 (24hours) RM 29(48hours)

mykad student ticket RM 12 (24hours)RM20(48hours)

feeling excited....

we skiped a few stops... and straight we went to KL tower..... had our lunch there..

flyingfox.... RM30 for 2 rounds...

selfshot in the with the earphone...
u can select language u prefered and yeah... HISTORY time..

best stingray @ pasar seni aka petaling street or chinatown...

and some random building... *it's a hotel.. but i forget the name d..*

not enough time to stopby at titiwangsa park... should manage to get much more shoots... too bad.. maybe next time...

hopefully gov. will take some action to improve the service...

and for more information... click here

Monday, September 7, 2009

day2 @ hong kong part2


i just love taking their bus... *like taking on a roller coaster ride and prepare get pretty dizzy after that*

especially going downhill... it will just make ur heart.. *pop out... *
so.. here's my lunch@ tung chong citigate mall...

a cup of earlgrey and pork roll... and msn * i choose to lunch here coz they provide free computer with internet service..

after shop around the place for like 2hours... i left the place and head to wong tai sin

i reach there at 5.. *lucky enough that i'm still manage to be the last batch of prayer... but i dindt pray.. just went for the asking *kao cin*... *but... it's totally off lo... *

and it's really expensive.. 5+25 hk$ for 1 question

so after the asking.. i went to shatin shopping complex...

yeahh.. my main purpose of going to shatin shopping complex is because of the snoopy world.. actually.. nothing much.. but the place is just so cute...
*it cheer me up... so i'm glad i was there :)*

I SCREAM icecream is really good....

superb... i finish the whole thing by myself k... which i usually cant even finish a mcD cone

my dinner.. pork ribs with potatoe... *slurp*
after dinner.. i went to temple street and mong kok

SNACKING @ ireland's potatoe

*love it....
i guess i've been eating too much for today.. compare to the day before.. 1 meal and 4 meals.. LOL.... too contrast*
so.. that's all for my day 2 *sorry for the boring post again.. i just dunno what i can write alrready..
so.. continue with my day 3.. my flight is 11 in the morning.. so i have to head to airport at 9.. so i wont miss the flight la.. I woke up at 7... and had my breakfast at mcD..

and i went to the 7eleven... and i found this at their fridge corner...
since i never had any of their street food.. out of sudden.. i just crave for curry fishballl.. LoL... so i got myself this....

curry fish balll and chicken wing.. which i think really not bad lo.. and i think it's better than those road side wan.. hahaha

okok.. enough of food d... i reach airport at 10something.. and ..........

had my last cup of earlgrey @ hk.... and waitinig to depart.... I MISS MY BED ... no kidding

so... that's all for my first ever solo trip @hk for (48-2) hours trip... i did enjoy la.. just minus the taking heavy stuff part.. LoL... should have travel even lighter... so i got more reason to just buy there.. hehe...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

day 2 hong kong trip (part 1)

20th aug 2009

didnt manage to had a good sleep... *i feel like my leg.. wasnt my leg, my hand wasnt my hand GOSHH...... TIRED.. neckpain... can i sleeep longer... *

(no time to waste... did i mention that i only had 48-2hours flight delay =46 hours in HK)

anyway.. i woke up at 8... i cant sleep last night because i use to work at graveyard shift... so.. i must have be super duper tired, in order to sleep.. so basically.. i had total of 8hours sleep for 2 days...

at first i plan to go ngorping for vege food.. but i was too hungry... so i had my breakfast at a *char sat near my place.. ( remember.. i only had 1 meal yesterday)

so i ordered SET A: which include a slice of bread, half boiled egg, milk tea, and ham& macaroni

it's like ham and macaroni soak in clear soup... (but it;s actually very tasty)

after breakie... i'm taking the cable car to ngorping
so, first, i need to take the mtr to tung chung and get the the Bexits....

this photo taken while walking.. it's SO PACK..... i missed 3 train... u can see sardines and burgers or even sandwiches inside.. LoL... *fine, i haven been taking LRT for like so long d.. i don know how pack will it be during peak hour*
the mtr ride almost took me 45mins...

* random photo snap at the mtr station... dunno why.. i just like this pic.. so cute rite*

i'm so lucky that the day is so clear.. (my fren keep complaining that it's raining whole day when he's there)

and the bus ride took me another 1 hour... DIZZy~ * i wanted to take the cable car.. unfortunately. they having maintainace lo*

bus ticket cost hk$ 35 return back (unlimited ride)

*look at the stairs.. MY LEG SHAKING already*

view from top..

and here.. the ngrping village.. didnt snap much photos.. coz i'm too tired already.. LoL
end of part 1... i will update my post real soon