Saturday, July 17, 2010

blog my way to yangon~

As an enthusiastic photographer, i just love sharing my travel experience with my friends thru pictures and experience i had on places where i had been to. Many years back, i always wanted to go to this place call Bagan which is in Yangon and when i first got to know that AirAsia is flying to Yangon i got very excited and i start looking for information on this spectacular place. Ok, so this time around im going to just write a bit on what i know about this place and also the places where i wanted to visit most if i have a chance to be there...

Yangon here i come!!

Yangon also known as "The Garden City of The East" is the main city in Myanmar which is also known as the "Golden Land". The title came from ever green city and cool lush tropical trees, shady parks and the beautiful lakes in that place (if you google Yangon and look at the pictures, you will know what i mean....) The place is populated with all kinds of races and culture, this is mainly because the geographical location of the country which is surrounded by country like China, India, Laos, Bangladesh and also Thailand. If you are thinking on the language issue, have no worries, besides speaking Burmese, English is still one of the most common language there.

Ok, first of, i really like this place call Bagan (which i mentioned earlier on..). I actually fall in love with Bagan when i first google about it and saw the pictures of the sunset. My first impression was like "OMG.. can this be real?!" I am not joking neither im exageratting. To me the view is just too impresive and it only suppose to exists in dream. The orange background of the sunset view plus the thousand of pagodas lying behind the scenery is just too miraculous. Can you imagine yourself in such place on a Hot Air Balloon? Did i mentioned hot air balloon, YES I DID! I always wanted to go there with my the other half and sit on the hot air balloon and enjoy this spectacular scenery while cuddling on each other. This scenery cannot be found anywhere else, especially for us who lived in a concrete jungle where nature somehow no longer exists among us.

Ok ok, i was too driven that i nearly forgotten to mention how are we suppose to get to Bagan from Yangon at the first place. Hahaha...

From the city of Yangon, is approximately 400miles to Bagan and if you are taking a bus, it will probably takesaround 10 hours to reach Bagan. Besides bus, you can also choose to travel by train, boat or even take a flight (if you have the budget.. because it cost around $178 for a one way ticket) where as travelling by bus will only costyou around $18 or less. Personally i prefer travelling by bus and boat because i get to see more things and experiencemore culture through out the journey. One of the biggest attraction in Bagan is Pagoda. They used to have over 40 000 pagodas in Bagan and each of the pagoda is actually unique in terms of size, structure and also colour. There are few famous pagoda in Bagan which is a must to visit, Shwe Zigon Paya which is the oldest among all pagodas, Dhammayan Gyi Pahto, the largest among all pagodas and of course Ananda Pahto which is the most beautiful pagoda in Bagan.

I wish i could share some photos with you on the places i mentioned, hopefully i will be there soon and when im back i will definitely share those beautiful pictures of the scenery and places in Yangon and Bagan with you.

There are just so many places to visit in Yangon and i just can't finish sharing. This time im just gonna share Bagan with you guys/gals as is the place where i wanted to visit most (other places you probably can google around.. hahaha)
Hope you guys/gals enjoy the information provided and hopefully it gives you a bit of the view of Bagan.

i wanted to win the free flight to yangon because to add another country into my travel list in south east asia, and to make my "dreams" come true . ^^

‘AirAsia, Simply The Best’

Monday, July 12, 2010

my last chapter: Now & Forever~

first of all, i would like to thanks to all my frens... who has been there supporting and also advice~ thanks for been there and i really appreciated.... (yes, u should know who u are... ^^)
anyway... i guess so far, i have settle all the problems... probably for good... so here now my last chapter... will be sharing with u all... if i manage to find time to start blog consistently ^^ wish me luck and all the best... to u guys too... ^^