Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some one is OLDER d~


since, we kinda like ruined the whole plan... but still i want to tell what we planed to do la~

Voon's bf inform Pretty about the surprise party for her@ redbox... so there's come to my mind.. coz voon mmg hard to surprise due to she thinks alot.. and ask alot...

plan A~
i tot use an unknown number and send a message to voon for getting a free 1pax sing K @ redbox on the exact day and time, so that she wont choose a time that we cant make it.. *good point?
but than, i never get feedback from her bf... so plan A "KO"

plan B~
we double comfirm with the suprise party.. so i tot me and pretty reach there earlier and give her suprise when she come in.. hmm *sounds lame.. but we do plan to take plan B... but.. fail again...

and so.. last min, we come out with plan C...which is the actual thing happened~

*suppose to buy her eifle tower's cham necklaces.. so, my bf waited at NZX fullhouse for half an hour and end up... no more already.. so have to reach curve flea market to check what to get her * i know it's kinda mou seng yi.. but the thing i planed to buy dah habis mah.. cannot blame me i find something related to butterfly lo~

i reach CURVE @ 1220.. just to get her present... and finally i found rose quartz butterfly ring * i know she like rose quartz coz it's represent to LOVE... so after gao dim with the present.. i call pretty... OMG.. it's almost 1 and she haven't show up end up.. i have to get the room first.. *if u know how does the getting room@ red box, so you'll know my intention of not letting voon know her bf has book a room for 6 pax....
after check in..... me and my bf hide in the toilet... so after they got into the room, i meet up with pretty... lite up the candle and sing her song while entering *lagi lame... but anyway... hope she enjoy it la...

showing off the present... and of coz... 3 of us must have gift rite... so i got myself and pretty a ring too... LOVE IT~ hehehe~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

i'm going to quit smoking~

i started smoking since.. F3.. influnce by bad fren*s... see i just try to blame others just to make me better.. but.. fine.. i admit i'm wrong now.. but smooking doenst mean are bad ppl... right????just that it's really bad to health.. *seriously no idea why i am writing this to you guys but.. just want to share... actually i quit long time ago.. now am just a social smoker...i love trying all sort of ciggy... but my bf don smoke.. and i'm not allow to.. but i don like ppl force me... so dear.. u know why i never listen to u hor~

i love collecting stuff.. and now.. i change my smoking habit to.. collecting them~

here my new line of collections....

limited edition ciggy....

this is what my bf got me yesterday...


perfectionist series


*selection of finest burley tobacco provides the blend with distinctive nut-like and roasted taste note

smoking causes lung cancer.....

this is a australia limited edition ciggy that have launched few years back....

the box is slightly bigger than normal size 20pc cigs
sthe box design damn cool lo~ each side contain 10pc...

next... another limited metal box for MALaYSIA

Monday, February 16, 2009

love on the air and rolling down the hill~

14 feb 2009

fine.. i know my title it's kinda like.. breakup.. but i just want to describe what i did on that day.. don believe????? later u will know than~


9 pairs of us was divided into 3 team...

team I is to setup the basket and attach the something like fire gun*

team LOVE is to unfold the balloon which is weight 200kg

team YOU is to handle with the rope~

the basket that can hold up to 400kgs

*2 holes in the pic bigger 1 is for us to step and climb on

and the smaller 1 is for securing the basket purpose

securing the gas tank to the basket
*and this is the fire gun i've mention earlier
imagine if your head is just slightly nearer~..... >____<" *bold u go~
while we're busying with the basket.. and they have start unfolding the balloon~

and everyone help to attacth everything together~

they use fan to blow the balloon~ at least bit shape la~

so tht we can get in.. and snap some pic~

our group pic inside the HUGE ballooon

and now... we put on fire to make it fly~

luckily i wasnt the photographer of this pic~ *sweat -__-"

it's HOTT~ can actually feel the heat from the place i stand right here~

try to hold the basket...

another group pic of us~ with the hotair balloon

finally.. it's our turn~

view from high up there... *actually i scare of height~

scare till dunno how to smile d~ see my smile so numb d~

and it's really HOOOTTT tooo~ so now i know why ppl called it as HOT AIR BALLOON~

and now.. we learn how dismantle the hot air balloon

and now here i present u.. the zorbing balllll

imagine how am i suppose to stuck myself into that small little hole ar~

safety first~

securing yourself...

seeeeeee.. rolling down the hillll

messy look... after a bumpy ride~

this is the KANGAROO
never manage to try.. coz too many ppl there d.. so maybe next time~

and here is our lovely breakfast.. with nice nice muffin with our name on it.. sweet~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the ninth day of CNY... * tian gong*

i know it's kinda late to post this d... but.. i still need to do this....
so here you are... the 9th day of CNY
but, we started on the eve of 9th~

i'm not hokkien~

all healthy lo~*wink*
wind strip rain along
money flow come come..

ahahaha... anyway.. it's my 2nd year to start praying first.. it does mean alot..
must got status baru boleh wan le.... it's like open ceremony.. i start than only others can pray...

my lovely coll mates...

and my dearest frens... mostly from primary... so call *greenery... because primary school frens are the most truthfull frens~

kin mun-----> future going to be daddy

and joycelyn-----> future going to be HOT mummy!!!!

Leo says that he don gamble.. and.. he did proofed that we all mmg chinese.. hahahaha~


OMG.. it's like a baby reunion k... they are so so Q lo~

he's a vietnam baby~ Qhor~

he damn cool k.. saw pretty chick.. than don choi me wan~ kek sei~

left eunice, carry on hand kenny
she is the pretty chick *my enemy!!

this is nicholas... my grandchild
but he never like mama carry him wan lo... ohya.. the one who carry him wasnt his dad...

shh... i edited this pic.. fake fireworks... so police don come find me k~