Sunday, May 31, 2009

winter experience in PERTH... I WANT!!! (updated)

Perth is located in Western Australia (also known as WA) and is the capital city of this state. WA is the largest state in Australia size wise, but has a population of approximately 1 500 000 people.

Perth is blessed with beautiful weather and a lifestyle second to none. The American Consul to Western Australia once said "Perth has the kind of weather California thinks it has"!With more hours of sunshine than an other Australian capital city, Perth enjoys a true Mediterranean climate with long hot summers (December - February) and mild cool winters (June - August).

Perth's average summer rainfall is 11mm per month
Perth's average winter rainfall is 164mm per month
We observe four seasons:-
Summer Dec/Jan/Feb
Autumn Mar/Apr/May
Winter June/July/Aug
Spring Sept/Oct/Nov


VISA application for malaysian.... haven been to australia before.. but i know we can do it thru online... but we malaysian never feel secure by applying thru online.. so i think we can just apply the visa

@High Commission address:

6 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,

Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 2146 5555 - Fax: 2141 5773

more detail here

SO... back to my main topic...

what can we do in perth during winter?

Winter in Perth: The mild Perth winter begins at the start of June and finishes at the end of August. It is generally a rainy season, mingled with cool sunny days. There are however occasional storms, characterised by downpours of rain, lightning or thunder.
Average Winter Temperatures
June: Daytime 18-21C
Overnight Minimum 9-12C
July: Daytime 15-18C
Overnight Minimum 6-9C
August: Daytime 18-21C
Overnight Minimum 9-12C

*gosh.. RAINS alot during winter... and i really afraid of cold... but i didnt want to travel there during summer.. i scare hot too... want something special to at least boost my mood there lo...

FRUIT PLUCKING (sounds good)

Mandarin orange and lemon season

(cant find any information about this... but found a forum that we have to email the farm, so that we can make the visit..)

visit winery? WINE TASTING....

Swan Valley wines are greatly respected around the world. Only some forty minutes from the heart of Perth, the fertile alluvial soils of the Swan Valley were first put under canes by the earliest of settlers in 1833 at Olive Farm.

info and PACKAGE

chocolate factory...

cant wait to dive into chocolate...


check SEE here..


ohh.. wanted to try snowboarding but afraid of cold like me.. try sand boarding and it's definitely different type of experience...

click here for tour info

more things to do in PERTH click here


- City of Perth Winter Arts Festival 2009

1st of june till 31of august

will provide more info on next post...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i hate apple tour!!

today.. flip thru newspaper and saw apple tour advertise about their korea trip.. so i tot just call up and ask about the package this and that. but u know how she answer me... *oh... sorry ar.. now we are having meeting.. so can u call back tomolo..* what the hell.. i very piss lo... NEED SO BA BAI or not oh... so.. i wont be taking apple tour anymore.. plus.. they got so many negative impression to me d.. coz i heard... that during matta fair. alot ppl bought their package in damn cheap price.. but end up.. cancel trip or make u change to their other package which u didnt want to.... and i think i really wont consider this agency again...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

d 1st order of GATEUAX..

if u have read my post earlier... this wasnt the first time i ate this cake make from ko wai the pastry chef... but seriously it's even better... *wink*

the xoxo birthday gal.. admiring the cake... seriously.. we took sometime just sit there and look at the cake.. *STONED* didnt really want to cut it... coz we know we would just ruin it...

actually we shouldnt call this as cake... coz it doenst has those TYPICAL cake look and even those TYPICAL CAKE TEXTURE *spongy spongy* that we use to eat... u know what i mean rite... different of layers and texture... *salivated

and the fine finishing... really... em seh dak eat this cake....

and this time.. we manage to taste the gold... just the gold.. and it taste like... NOTHING... and the feeling is like eating the rice paper (neh... the paper that wrap the rabbit sweet wan le!!!)
anyway... i think this time is better than the previous wan.. or maybe it's just us.. *bigger portion, can taste better mah*
CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ORDER.. which is july.. wonder what kinda cake should i order than... but so weird rite.. i buy myself cake.. *hint hint bf*
so.. love this cake? if u want to have a special special cake for ur special special one..

Monday, May 25, 2009

korea sparkling....

Korea HERE I COME......

i always do my homework before travelling to the destination... dunno why, just feel more secure..anyway... my main sponsor aka eldest sis change her mind that we are going to korea during autum (september)... due to the A(H1N1) is still spreading in korea.. her husband don let her go... *so cannot travel next month* kinda sad.. but i love maple leave too.. so don care la.. since i don have to pay anything...

BUT... we still can learn their culture here.. locally....

korea plaza

to those who wanted to visit korea.. can come here for some consultation first... get free tour guide book, maps and other materials for free... *that's what i did..*


Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng(formallyMUI Plaza)

Jln. P.Ramlee. 50250. Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03- 2072 2515

Business hour:

Mon~Fri, 9am~ 6pm

LOOKS TASTY... but it's just WAX.... T___T"

feel like having the real FOOD?? yes... you can.. but make sure u come during third week of every month's tuesday... cause they provide FREE classes like COOKING CLASSES
there will be teaching how to make:
  • KIMCHI (fermented chinese cabbage)
  • SAMGYETANG (gingseng chicken soup)
  • BIBIMBAP (steamed rice mixed with vegetables)
  • JAPCHAE (Glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables)
  • BULGOGI(marinated/BBQ beef)
  • KIMBAP (rice and other ingredients rolled by seaweed)

other than that.. they also have korea language and singing classes too...

for more information.. call or email them...


ohya... you also can tr on the KOrea traditional costume for free too....

and i know we were like kids.. playing around and abandone those real kids... but i hope they provide someting for the KIDS too.. so they can enjoy like us do.. hahaha~
korea plaza is like a small KOREA museum too.. they have alot of stuff...



and pics tells everything...

and this is their KOREA traditional game...
if want to know more infor.. check here

Sunday, May 24, 2009

have u manicure-d yet?

actually it was my second trip to manicure.. NOT a BIG FAN.. coz i think it's kinda waste of money... but after today... i have change my mind....

showing off with our bare naked nails....

1: cutting ur nails to the lenght u want...

2: shaping

3: cuticle cleaning

4: and choose the colour u desire....

5: top coat for nail protection... i even put on nail strengthener too...

6: nail polish... NO PIC... coz both of my hand is relaxing kao kao..

after an hour....while waiting for drying...

ohhh... i love my nails... (just add another RM10 for french manicure...)

and how's voon over there.. seems like she quiet enjoy too...


ohya.. actually i seldom cut my own nails.. coz it's too HARD to cut... and i cant cut my right hand nails with my left hand.. so didnt much bother to take care of my nails... and after the service.. i know that my nails is not healthy... coz it's yellow... and the cuticle...

Manicure means taking cares of your hands to make them look beautiful. This process helps in healthy formation of nails. It stops many problems of nails like splits, brittle edges and scratches.

fall in love to manicure?

everyone is spending so much on their facial product or even the facial service but forget about their hand... *which actually we cant survive without our hand and i cant even manage to type this post for u all...

NOW I LOVE MY HAND EVEN MORE... coz it's so smooth and i LOVE MY NAILS TOO..

and what ya waiting for... 2 more days to go... make ur booking now and enjoy the FREE manicure service... and u will love it....

call christy to reserve urself a seat.... free trial untilll 26th of may only... do dial 012~7721996

not only their free service is worth to try...even their pedicure is just RM35... so reserve on monday... so no more MONDAY BLUES lo...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

'I'm a Standout in Life'

haven't been stepping into clubs already... *might sounds fine to some of u* BUT... i seriously haven't been taking off and just sit at the bar and take a good drink....(ohya.. FYI, i work 24/7 and i rest if i have trips... SOUNDS SAD rite..) know WHY? coz of my job.. i work for my family.. and i guess this job really has no off day.. *UNLESS......* continue reading k... *
so when my close frens want to intro me new frens. they love them to ask me what's my occupation....

here goes my conversation.....
ME stands for me and F is FREN....

12am *cinderella hour*
ME: eh.. i have to cabut d ya.... i need to rush to work d...


F: *nei jou meh ka? (canto)/what do u work as

ME: ohh... *wo jou kai geh/ i work as CHICKEN (direct transalate to eng)
so... here goes.. most of my new fren will stare even harder....
(i just love to misleading them)

ME: I DON QUALIFY izzit? hahahaha * i love to ask that..*

F: NONO.... speechless

that's how i try to make them remember me easier.....

still not STANDOUT enough?
anyway... i work for my family at a chicken supplier factory... so 24/7 operating.. than i work at night shift... so... some ppl do believe that i really work as prostitution.. gulp*

so imagine... i haven't had any nightlife for more than 1 year already. *OOPPS...i should say i haven been to any nightclubs for more than 1 year already*

3 of us just like the 3 bottles above. each has their own STANDOUT .... and why i think 'I'm a Standout in Life' because of my taste and attitude... and also my outlook....

it's naturally bleach/ white hair.. so stop asking me how i get that hair and which saloon i went..... but i don mind saloon pay me to help them promote on their bleaching product... haha

pic 2003

pic 2008

i bet u guys sure manage to spot me 1km away... hahaha

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

preparation for my korea trip...

korea trip at this moment??? are u NUTS????? virus A(H1N1) is spreading rapidly pass 1 month across the globe.. *seems like now getting more stable* anyway.. my sis is flying to hong kong this weekend.. so i definately going off next month.. *cant bother too much d... RIGHT???? so... after consulting the doc... he say must take care of own body lo.. make sure we don have flu.. get more vitaminC, drink more water... so doesnt get infected easily...since they say so... why not just travel at this CHEAP season rite... wuhahaha..

item 1: face mask...
i think it's a MUST item la.. and i will be wearing it during the whole flight journey... just incase someone coughing their lung out beside me during the flight... *i don want to get FLU on board.. *touch wood touch wood...

item 2: dettol wipe wipe....
wipe away all the bacteria.... *hopefully.. wonder can i bring the spray on board... WASH/WIPE MY HAND every half hour...

what else ya.. can anyone give me some tips...

Monday, May 18, 2009

MALAYSIA A(H1N1) updates~

follow up after the first 2 A(H1N1) case on the13may*.... seems like the flu is now still very stable * who knows they might cover something.. rite?* anyway.. latest newspaper 19th may... seems like everything was still stable and tomorrow 20th will be the final day to comfirm that did the virus start spreading around malaysia... *hopefully it doesnt* and pls ppl do stay alert... *wink wink* now i wipe or wash my hand every one hour.. *kiasi mah~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

AH1N1 is in MALAYSIA already?

swine flu is in malaysia already... and satu kali 2 fella kena.. so u guys must be extra becareful... 1 is now in sugai buloh hospital and another 1.. i think now at penang already.. so becareful and it's all our responsible not to let the flu spread so fast lo...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


can u remember what are u doing on last year's today? i remember it very clearly.. not cause of the SHICHUAN's incident... but it's my once only life time's APPENDIST operation... OKOK.. i know it wasnt really big deal la.... but it's like once in ur life le... *which i always joke NOW I'M more experience d.... =__=" not funny hor... anyway.. the reason i'm sharing here.. at least u read d.. u mai aware.. than u don have to suffer like me mah~

so the thing happened.. 1 year ago.. 5am in the morning... STOMACH start pain... i always has gastric.. so i didnt really bother.. till 6am.. i wanted to sleep.. but i cant.. i tot it was gastric.. so i took a TINY BITE of bread... and force to sleep... *tot i wil just go clinic around 10... but end up.. i just cant even stand for another 2 hours.. I WOKE UP @8 and went to check into DAMANSARA SPECIALIST.. (which i damn kao regret now)

CHECKING took me almost 3 hours... and no one consult me... and i didnt even know i need to be operate later... *so it doesnt really matter... so i was abandon at dunno where for like another 4 hours. coz i just ate that tiny pc of bread... !@#$%^&^%$#@.... so.. torture me for another half day...

so the moral of my story here... TAKE UR HEALTH SERIOUSLY la... don always assume it's just appendist and never really find cure on it k... coz APPENDIST MIGHT CAUSE DEATH TOO...

so.. happy reading.. muahahahah~


i may not up to date with the BEST job in the world which is the island reef job... check it out if u wasnt sure what i'm talking here... ALL U NEED TO DO IS JUST GO SWIM EVERDAY... ENJOY THE SUN... ENJOY THE BREEZE... ENJOY ALLLL THE LOVELY CREATURE ON THE ISLAND... and write some report as easy as just blog what u've did daily... OMG.... but the best thing is.. u get paid...and it's not CHEAP k... for the half year contract.. u actually get paid for like.. AUD$150000... so it's like... how much in RM???? u do the calculation k... anyway.. this news was so yesterday already.. i mean u got no chance for the job coz it's already like finalisted... or maybe there's a winner.. i wasnt sure... DO UPDATE ME PLS...

BUT..... *there's always but*

u're not late yet... there's second best JOB in the WORLD which is in CHINA.. not sure izzit scamming.. *hahahahahahaha.. that's what first comes to my mind when i read this news in the newspaper yesterday...*


LAVENDER GARDENER... SOUNDS GOOD? i think is damn good la... LOVELY SWEET JOB for those who doesnt know how to swim and dive la rite... so check here for more info... but the thing is... so hard or maybe i should say.. there's no way to apply for this....

arent they lovely... OMG.. it's one of my dream to take pic at one of those pretty dearie... ANYWAY.. how much they paying again???? THEY ARE OFFERING RMB20, 000 WEEKLY... what the hell... how come no such good thing in malaysia... !@#$%@#@#$%^ (me good blogger no F language)


Women between 18 and 25 and taller than 163 cm (so easy huh!!!!! i mauuuu)

can sign up through any branch of the Guangdong Nanhu International Travel Service Co Ltd.

eh.. if really that good deal.. why don internationalize le? just do a website for ppl to apply very hard ohh... so.. i guess it's just a dreamm... but GOOD LUCK TO U who manage to get the job... @#$%^&$#$%^&*...... I KNOW U DESERVE IT...... *I REALLY MEAN IT ^__^

Monday, May 11, 2009

sneak peek @ the birthday cake for XOXO....

here u are... how's the cake i ordered from ko wai might look like... cant 100% end up the same.. *u know la...pastry with atitude really hard to please*

anyway... the way he is selling his cake.. just ask what kinda cake u like and serving size... *that's all... other than that.. it's up to him and his creativity.. so will u pay for a cake that u never know how does it look?? I WILLL....

so here's the sneak peek.. *coz i'm his first customer.. so i can get to try first lo*

actually i wasnt really sure what kinda cake i want.. coz i ordered the cake just for my bf's sis birthday... so he did ask me a few questions for the cake... BUT ALL I CAN ANSWER HIM IS LESS SUGAR... so he gave me some choices..

* butter cake
*cheese cake
bla bla bla.. that's what i can remember..coz too many choices... *i tot it was suppose all his choice.. but i think he too *gan cheong about it d*

so lastly.. HOW ABOUT HAZELNUT *wink* I LOVE HAZELNUT ~ i answered

but he say how about my bf's sis......

hahahahhaa... so who do u please? the one who is paying or the birthday gal....

ok.. fine~ i know i'm abit selfish.. but i really dunno mah...

so here i present the chocalate hazelnut cake from KOi the pastry

few layer or not so sweet chocalate and bottom part of the cake.. crispy caramel cookies... *i not so sure about the real thing.. but that's what i can taste..... NYuMMY....
elegent cake with gold deco... *wink*

but i having problem of cutting it la.. but still damn nice *my fav*

Friday, May 8, 2009

GRILL~ zilla....

LOVE grilling food but HATE the hassle? don worry... GRILL~zilla is at ur service.... *wink*

garlic chicken skewer

juicy chicken wings

crispy chicken skin wraped with vege...

black pepper lamb skewer

*slurps.... look tasty? come to us at Kota damansara, sunway damansara. ROCK cafe
contact number: 0123333631

Thursday, May 7, 2009


actually i was kinda bord with my current job already (family business of chicken supplying)... i mean it's really not my cup of tea.. and now.. i want to be someone's manager.. anyone interested to be under my new new plan... i will make u a super duper famous STAR.... hahahahhaa... i mean i'm 24 soon.. so it's like now or never kinda thing... so pls ppl.. do support me on my plan... *wink*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


sorry that i'm posting something real private... which i have no idea how to solve it out *although it's doesnt really related to me but one of my close fren.... the situation is so much similiar to my case which happen a year ago~ which i fear it might happen again....

now here's a question.. do we learn from lesson.. or we just repeating it and move on... i mean everyone study HISTORY coz we need to learn from the past .. mistake and what so eva... but now what... coz human are always like that.. TALK IS CHEAP... i know i cant judge... coz i did ask myself..what if i did the same mistake again.... maybe i cant even forgive myself... so what again.. we still live happily after a while... and move on...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

swine flu affected~

SWINE FLU aka. A (H1N1 )

Current situation

5 May 2009 -- As of 16:00 GMT, 5 May 2009, 21 countries have officially reported 1490 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection.

is it safe to travel?

WHO is not recommending travel restrictions related to the outbreak of the influenza A(H1N1) virus. Today, international travel moves rapidly, with large numbers of individuals visiting various parts the world. Limiting travel and imposing travel restrictions would have very little effect on stopping the virus from spreading, but would be highly disruptive to the global community.

continue reading

on my previous post of informing all that i'm going korea... now.. pending~ due to the swine flu * korea has 2 comfirm cases (so better not risk, even i want.. my parents never let la~)

The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths - Austria (1), Canada (140), China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1), Colombia (1), Costa Rica (1), Denmark (1), El Salvador (2), France (4), Germany (9), Ireland (1), Israel (4), Italy (5), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (6), Portugal (1), Spain (57), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (27).

source from WHO


people misunderstand that swine flu was from PORKs and pigs.. but actually they are not.. (not proven yet) so it's really safe to eat pork.. so pls... human start eat pork k.. orelse the chicken price got freaking high up~

anyway how does it really happen? i try google so hard but there's no specific answer YET....

2009 outbreak in humans

The 2009 flu outbreak is due to a new strain of subtype H1N1 not previously reported in pigs.[41] Following the outbreak, on May 2, 2009, it was reported in pigs at a farm in Alberta, Canada, with a link to the outbreak in Mexico. The pigs are suspected to have caught this new strain of virus from a farm worker who recently returned from Mexico, then showed symptoms of an influenza-like illness.[42] These are probable cases, pending confirmation by laboratory testing.

The new strain was initially described as apparent reassortment of at least four strains of influenza A virus subtype H1N1, including one strain endemic in humans, one endemic in birds, and two endemic in swine.[43] Subsequent analysis suggested it was a reassortment of just two strains, both found in swine.[2] Although initial reports identified the new strain as swine influenza (ie, a zoonosis originating in swine), its origin is unknown. Several countries took precautionary measures to reduce the chances for a global pandemic of the disease.[44]

pls read this...

so pigs are the most innocent wan....

*anyway did u watch a movie about the GREENS start creating some virus to kill human because we have been chopping them off and destroying the EARTH... but suddenly the virus stop's because the GREENS thinks that they have enough of destroying human to keep the world *PEACE*

REAL SORRY FOR NOT REMEMBERING the movie.. but it's a last year movie... i try to find k...

so maybe it is some how related to our SWINE FLU... haha.. anyway... sorry for reading my rubbish crap here... but lastly.. do remember to prevend urself been infected... let's us together makes this virus go away faster...


wear a mask if possible.. although it doesnt help much.. but i guess u'll feel more secure...

than make sure u keep one of this with u all the time... DON SIMPLY TOUCH HERE N THERE LA.. wipe ur hand more often...
seriously... i'm not promoting for dettol wipe.. but i thinks this will help a lil by keeping ur hand clean~

take good care dear all~