Saturday, March 27, 2010

adventure trip @ slim river~

we were suppose to depart from kl @ 7am, but thanks to me... (i was half hour late...)

from kl to tanjung malim toll is just only less than 1 hour ride...

but to reach slim river~ it's another 1 hour journey~

and this is a hot spring...

once arrive~ we need to sign a form~ T T (mai zhu zhai~)

and next~ naik lorry and transfer to.................

*scare* wonder where they gonna send us~ (it's another half hour journey) really nervous la~

briefing about rafting safety and also instruction...

group pic before start~

group pic of the raft and my fella rafterss.... @ 11.28am start~

with splash~~

another group pic during tea break~ BY HAVING MARS bar.. haha @

me and zd

pic of me with mel~


body rafting is NOT FUN AT ALL....thanks to those rocky stream... i having buttok pain lo.. and drank damn alot water.. T T~ but it's really cooling and fun experience... lolx

and finally~ look at the time~ it's almost 2.30... almost 3hours of adventure~

seriously i love it so much~

and i think the price is still consider reasonable lo~ RM165 per pax and 18of us~ coolness...

am so wanted to try padas river at kk ^ ^

Friday, March 26, 2010

3days 2nights @Kota kinabalu- MAY trip~

My initial plan to kk is to conquer the Mt. kk in 10hours (which I think is so damn impossible… LoLx)

since it’s like MISsion impossible d, must well I change my plan to much relaxing trip than make myself half way up mountain and pay ppl to carry me down… *and I don wish to spoil my fellow frens trip also…

and so~ I remember one of my fren told me before that we can actually camp at one of the island near kk… so after further research.. I know that. The island call pulau sapi… and I don think there’s any place to accommodate… and it’s really CAMP.. u know.. set up fire this and that.. (macam ia aje~) I have no camping experience but damn wanted to camp lo..

ferries from jesselton point ferry terminal to Labuan is 3hours (tempted to go there, but I have limited time.. so forget about it)

package trip to Brunei is like RM56 (lagi tempted.. coz I’m actually completing my SE. Asia tour mah~ but same reason.. I cant make it.. T_T)

so…. Boats also leave for the tunku adbul rahman marine park.. and regular departures to manuka island, gaya island, and other island include pulau sapi… *wooottzzzzz* so gonna take their island hopping lo… wuhhooo~ happyyyy…………. Cant wait for my following trip d lo~ 2months to go….
Things to do in Kota Kinabalu~

Kota kinabalu was formerly known as Jesselton. Named after sir charles jessel. And on the 30th sept 1967 it renamed as Kota kinabalu (chehwahhhh~ I google for it la… I always fail my history…LoLx)

Places of interests

- Atkinson clock tower
One of the most enduring landmarks in KK. Was build on the 1903. this all- wood and didn’t use a single nails structure was built in memory of Francis George Atkinson ( I think I wanna build a tower too… so that can name after me *dreamyclocktower* gila sial….lolx)

By getting there~ u can stroll there or get a cab. From the bottom of signal hill road at padang merdeka, turn left to get to the clock site.

- gaya street (Sunday market)
formerly known as bond street (isshh~ why they like to change name wan… BOND street macam james bond already not cool enough.. still need to renamed as Gaya street only can feel the ohhmm ar… hahahah)

Gaya street located in the KK Central business district~ and it has been over 100 of years~ the street fair is on every Sunday from 6 in the morning till 1pm~

getting there?
A short stroll from anywhere around the city~ u wont miss it~


Jesselton point water front

Island hopping ~ Tunku Abdul Rahman Park~

CAMPING at SAPI ISLAND~ *wweeeeeee*
The camp tent is just RM 50 per night.. and RM5 per pax to over night at the island.. so total is jst RM30 each pax of us… CHEAP… but we must bring our own food there.. really macam camp… (first time le.. so damn excited and gan jeong lo… muahahahha)
So what to bring for camp ar? Seriously.. I never have experience about camping.. plus I heard that island has wild boar~ *should I sing HAKUNA MATATA~ = “ swt gao gao.. but they only attack males.. coz of the smell.. Phewww, BUT… me damn gao boyish.. maybe I got guys hormone.. so they might attack me lo… haha.. wish me luck ba~

Kota kinabalu~ 3days 2nights trip @ 14~16 may 2010~

So here’s the brief of my kk trip plan la… HOPEFULLY~

Day 1 arrive KK @ 3pm~

Upon arrival~ check in to hostel and self KK city tour~

Seafood dinner *woootzzz*

Rest early and prepare for day 2 trip~

Day 2: wake up @7am~

Prepare and head to DESA dairy farm~

Day 3: wake up for sunrise~ island hopping~

Visit the Sunday market GAYA STREET for local food and souvenirs~

wish me luck with my KK trip~ more trips need to be plan~~~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my kinda EARTH HOUR celebration~

imagine now... everyone~ the whole world is doing this.... and only malaysia TNB wants to sue WWF over Earth Hour~ (serioisly.. i cant stop laughing over the stupidnity of it.... OMGOMGOMGOMG.... seriously.. cannot tahan lo~)

remember this face la.. his name che khalid~ “Obviously these green-minded fellows think they’re really cute, organising such an irresponsible campaign,” said Che Khalib angrily. (personally i think what he said is damnnnnnmm creative le.. ... so make sure u read the full news ya~ )

for the full news click here

so ya.. what's my plan~ honestly.. i haven plan anything yet... but i just don wish to join those concert or countdown type of earthhour~ coz it suppose for u to save energy but a concert actually cause more lo.... ( so... what's the main point of earth hour~ i guess u have spent triple more energy lo)

and now stupid TNB say we spent less... haiya they didnt know that just that 1 hour.. acutally ppl spent more 6hours energy... lolx~

hmm.. maybe sipping a cup of tea under open air....looking up the sky~ and feel the mother earth... (without the mosquitoe of coz... ) *argghhh.. how i wish i was now at 10 years before.. which the sky is full of stars.. unlike NOW... wanna see few tahi lalat also hard d... LoLx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bagan lalang~ sepang

a short day trip to bagan lalang >_<

it's almost 1hour journey from hmm~ sunway * i lost count of the time, because we drop by a few places before there... and so~~~~~~~

by the time we reach there is around 5something 6....

~ crabbie~

the sand is really smooth and soft.. (i swear... it's really nice sand BUT~ the sea is BLACK lolx~)

when we're there... we had mud spa... LoL...

air surut when we arrive~ (what do we call that in english ar.... )that's how we got our mud spa lo~

ok... i still love the sunset even the beach wasnt that clean.... the sand and the enviroment is good... haih~ what to do... polluted already T T~

and next is foodie time~

ikan pari bakar * sting ray* RM 8~

goreng sotong*fried squid* RM 6

tom yam *RM4

cili kering lala~ RM 8

and another dish~ kailan RM 2.50

otak otak RM10

hmm~ total meal cost less than 50 for 3 pax... consider cheap for me la... coz all of us so full~ *slurp... suddenly just feel like eating otak-otak le... haih~

Monday, March 22, 2010

my 3rd sis de BIG DAY~

HONG HOOI and LIN LIN (shortform HH&LL~ cute huh~)

they have been like in the relationship for 10years~ and today.. finally~ they tie the knots~ *wink wink*

dinner at noble banquet

louise~ the lazy MC... *muahahahaha* family potrait~

ok la.. i dunno what to write about the day la.. just share some of the photos with u guys... *wink wink* my mom mayak pretty hor.. that's why got us... PRETTY DAUGHTERs lo~

taking photos tactics.........

my eldest sis claim that.. i look slimmer when in photo... ( so i said i'm PHOTOGENIC *puiiiiii*)
but mmg... i very camera sensative wan... is like..i have the worst and gengggIEST experience is havng bad stomach and when counts to 3.... i definately can pose... *muahahahahhaha* come big applause.....

and i think u guys will realize that....... (yes... my arms... i have raelly flabby arm...... )

never take pic beside someone who is like half of ur size

Saturday, March 20, 2010

- the siblings-

so the family nose~ *lolx~*

okay... here's the 5 of us~ guess who's the eldest..... (okayy.... i know i'm the BIGGEST size of alllll... but... i'm the youngest daughter lo~)

ohyaaa.............. did u spot anything different about me..... *wink*

more pics to be uploaded later... NO lappie with me.. and i'm blarddyyyyyy tired already lo.. but still wanan share this with u all.. (coz it has been like %%@#^$_(^%$##@@N years not taking pics together d...) feeling happy about it... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee****

Thursday, March 18, 2010

topic of the day~

okay lah.... it wasnt that hot topic in fb anyway.. but still thanks to alllll my dearie frens who concern... *LOL* yes... i'm stilll very single.. just that.... been officially single for 8months.... i'm just bord with my fb status... i change to IN A RELATIONSHIP... and haih~ I FELT LAGI EMO THAN I PUT SINGLE.... (it's true k.... NO JOKE*

FYI~ my previous previous ex who work for my company before i started... (i drag him in to the hell... LOL) and so.. he kinda move in to my place.. so we actually meet each other like 24~7 .... after 3.and half year.. we ended it... (it's really weird that u suddenly lost someone that close.... u know what i mean rite... arghh.. don bother... )

next... my previous wan..... wonder am i lucky or what... he work shift hour... like there's 3 shift... and when he wasn't working midnight... he will accompany me to my office (yes... i claim him as superBF.. coz he like work 18hours perday... poor him....)

and NOW... the problem is... i was wondering... how am i suppose to be in a relationship... when both of us is in diff world... (i sleep he work, i work he sleep kinda situation~ I WORK AT MIDNIGHT and no off~) ding dong ding dong... i guess.. i need a LDR la.. is like either US, LONDON those kinda countries.... NOT AUSTRALIA OR NEWZEALAND..... at least when i work.. i still can msn chat with someone who is actually same shift as me.. i work he work, i sleep he sleep... but damn kao far away la.... hhahahha... k la.. enough of crapping d la... i shall move on.. *wink* SINGLE WASNT THAT BAD AFTER ALL.... (= =")

Friday, March 5, 2010


it was the WPJA Q4 2009 winning photo~ 10th Place in Creative Portrait Category

what do think????
nothing much?? look harder k... and i reallyyyy mean hard
~ still cant??? issshh.. nvm~ try spot which1 is me first... (i guess it will be much easier than~)
*hint* i'm the one in blue heels~~ and in Gr**N colour top.... lolx~
and slowly~ move ur sight at their actions *ahhemmm..... got it already"? *
i bet u are now staring at all the boobs those guys grabbing.. lolx~
chillexxx la.. it's just photos taken by using angle... so tak ada *sik dai* at all... hoho~
anyway... thanks to yen teng to invite me to his cousin's gallery to have this shots~ recalling back... that day was really fun~ *love it*