Thursday, August 21, 2008

4days 3 nights trip to bangkok during CNY 15~18/02/08

Chinese new Year
bangkok trip

Day 1


what a scary experience..... -.-'' we almost late for our flight... *actually the counter already close and the board didnt show which counter we have to check in our laguage... luckily there's a kind AIRASIA frontdesk operator guide me to the wrong counter but still we manage to check in... hahahaha... really sweating.. imagine how nervous i am... 5 tickets and RM280 each and there goes my angpau money.... after check in... we rush to the gate and we didnt even take a single snap when we leaving.. till we reach BANGKOK airport.... and here we goes.. trying to use the FACE DETATION... hahahhaa

say CHEESEEEE!!!!!

our tempo was always not ngam.. that's why alll end up... bluryyy effect... which is kinda dreamy also la.. hahahhaa

eeeeee to everyone.....

at last~ perfect SMILE DETACTION pic~ 1, 2, 3*cheeerrrsss~

first tuk tuk pic... trying to squeeze 5 faces in the pic was not the hardest part but squeezing our 5 fat buttok in a max 3 pax seated cushion was really tough.... hahahahahahaha *not that fat actually la* you know i love exaggerating rite~

after check in... our first station was MBK... ohya.. forget to introduce the hotel that we stayed...


RM150 per pax for 3nights... cheap rite~ the place was quite convenient that the MRT was just less than 5 mins walking distance... and Taxi stand just infront and the most important is.. you can accesss to the FOOD just infront of the hotel...


after check in, we took the tuk tuk to MBK complex

our first destination.... DOUNUTS... just dunno why... hahaa... we just go in without thinking...

next MCD.....

SWENSENS.... see we gals really can eat! ohya.. i wasnt feeling well for the first day... so, all of them went to shopping and left me alone at the hotel.. sob sob...

day 2
yeah.. my first FULL meal once reach bangkok... at last~

so.. our journey begin.. and our destination was WAT ARUN.....

first, we have to walk 5mins from our hotel to the Ratchachewi station... and than take the ride to the last station SAM YAN station.. and from there... take a ferry ride to our destination.. which don really cost much... *actually i cant remember...

the water was really polluted but still, we enjoy the ride... althought it's abit dizzy.. so to advice those that have motion sickness... err.. don try this.. hahha

wat arun

entrance fee RM5

THai traditional costume~ ps.... to those who plans to go bangkok soon.. do help me to take pic of the pics at the booth.. coz i heard our pic was parade there... hehehe

our initial plan was GRANDpalace after wat arun.. but due to some locals at the area lie to us that... the palace was close, so we were guide to another temple.... which i also cant remember where's the place.. it's just a small temple but really nice inside....

next station KAMPHAENG PHET.... station berikutnya KAMPHAENG PHET

MRT station that just beside the front gate of chatuchak... the famous 15,000 stalls..... so pls remember don stop at chatutchak station but.. kamphaeng phet station.....

we were too hungry and finish the food without taking pics... haha... therefore, we make him to take pic with the pics.. wuhahahah....purple colour corn...

watch the video...
we didnt know that it was their national anthem... until we realize that everyone in the market stand still.... impressive rite~ yeahh.. ~ just so impress on how patriotic they were... SALUTE~

ohya.. forget to mention that, CHatuchak market only opens during weekend morning till 5pm... so make sure you book the right flight... orelse... really wasted

COCO walk

thailand style steamboat buffet

98bath per pax...
yup.... it's less than RM10 and you can eat all you can.... *wink*

say cheers... of coz exclude the drinks and beerss.....
thai muiii and thai zhaiii...

kok kok service.....tom yam for supper~ slurp... miss it~ it's just infront of our hotel...



Grandpalace aka Wat Phra Kaew

entrance fee: RM20+

it's so strict that actually they will check everyone appearal.. and we are not allow to wear short that are shoter than knee lenghts and i am one of the BAN....

there's a legend of this monkey~

the temple guardians holding up another smaller one of those big golden stupas. He was joined by a whole bunch of his closest friends.

ping ping an an.... no more sickness~
yes... we finish our 2hours journey here....
next, we went to the sleeping buddha~ just next to the grandpalace..

look at that~

shop, shopp, shopppp.....


Last day~

18- feb-2008

our last meal at the hotel~ sob sob~

before leaving~ we have to fully uterlize our time.. hehehe.. at least i still manage to meet one of my collmates at bangkok first before we back to KL.. ahahhaa

yann, winnie, notty

cam whoring section before back to KL

bangkok airport.... SUVARNABHUMI airport

we still non-stop cam whoring while waiting for our turn to chop our passport.... until our turn, we only realize that we are not suppose to take pics in the area.. hahahhaha..

too bad~

beautiful sunset~