Tuesday, November 25, 2008

photoshooting @ the park

8th november 2008

prepare for the shoot...

sorry for the boring post.. coz i really dunno what to add for the caption... just enjoy the photo la.. hehe

Monday, November 3, 2008

Canon Photomarathon

CANON photomarathon 2008

1st november 2008

It was a tired day.. the event's registration started @8am... so i left my work place @5.30 am ('s not typo error.. i work midnight shift k.. ) but... it's worthy..

the registration took almost 2hours.
there's 2 categories
2- digital compact

so i enter the compact and wfeng joined dslr category...

each of the contestant will have 1 CANON photomarathon T-shirt, a cap, a towel and 2 meals..

So, all of the contestant have to wear the provided shirt.. so imagine there's 1k plus of contestant and the whole city will be full of RED ppl..

how does the contest works?

the contestant have to take 3 pics base on the theme, and each theme is given at different CANON outlets
Theme A (Indulge Metropolitan) *berjaya timesquare
Theme B (Mess In Rules) *pavillion
Theme C(Goes Green) *klcc

photos taken by w.feng

(indulge metropolitan)

goes green

Photos taken by me

just randomly upload some pics

and here's the pictures send for the contest....

indulge metropolitan

mess in rule

goes green

Ps: actually we left the place around 4. coz i know we will never win the contest.. and so tired... but seriously damn fun.. i wil definately join again next year.. with sleep...

click here to view those winning works...