Friday, February 26, 2010

day 3 at manado~

finally i have compile my last day adventurous trip at manado~ and yes.. we went for DIVING which cost 4millions rupiah for 5pax... which mean around RM300 for discovery scuba diving course.. *weeeee*

from manado port to bunakeh island is just around 1hour~

a pic of me when arrive... *dark cloud behind... storming soon~*
they gave us the short brief in the small chalet office
after change~
back on boat~ didnt i tell u that i have seasick... @_@
1.2.3 ~ ready and here i go

group pic with the MASTER~***
the island is superb~

so.... i find mr. X to act as my bf.. lolx~ since the place is so romantic... hehe~

didnt know there's even CHURCH at island~ *salute~*

after lunch... we back to hotel and rest till evening... we went for local dinner

18000 rupiah for per pax... which is like less than RM7 for the dinner.. and it's buffet style~

there's so many food to eat....................

weeeeeeeeeeee~ full course.. nyam nyamm... but minahasa food is really spicy... so if u cant take spicy food... don try.. but if u love spicy food... MUST TRY *wink*

Monday, February 22, 2010

is there suck thing as most effective diet pills?~

OMG~ i have gain back my weights~ (sien dou) honestly, i no longer have those semangat to lose weight like last time... ( and i damn easy lose weight when i'm single, but now i gain bloody alot~ no joke)

and now... i'm asking around.. what's the most effective diet pills~ (i googled i search i ask and of coz..... the anwers)

there's never have the most effective wan la... i use to be 72kg and lose weight till 62 and slimmest was 54....... and now i gain back. = =
now i wanna lose back weight lo~

and now.. i have exact 25 more days before my sis's wedding.... OMG.. how am i gonna cut down 6kgs~ good luck to me and stay tune on my new resolution = = ( oh crapzz, i cant even convience myself)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


so this is our classphoto (some are still missing)

Friday, February 12, 2010

FIND OUT now!!!

sexier POST or sexier pose??!!!!
act innocent punya voon~
wilder voon~
which one u prefer har~

(deleted due to model tak bagi post)

i prefer her wild pose la...
*nose bleed~* hahahha...ok la.. let u guys soong abit lo~ *curse curse* i know u guys damn hate me now....... (block sai jor cannot see...lolx)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

voon's shooting preview~ HOT & sizzling~~**

ok~ ladies and gentalmen~ boys and gals.. pls prepare tissue *haha.. am just exxagerating la.. * anyway.. enjoy the preview... just done the shooting like an hour ago.. so need some time to filter the photos.. since my dear model dont allow me to post pic of her 18Sx.. u know what i mean.. so u can use some of ur imagination than.. muahahah~ enjoy guys.. *nose bleeding*

model: voon~
photographer: me *wink wink*
location: at my room~

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

chinese version of marilyn monroe's vibes

but of coz.. every one knows about marilyn monroe *wink* sexiest women in the world..
and so someone claim that this pic has the chinese version of marilyn monroe's vibes... i don know about this.. but i kinda like the compliment.. *giggle* hahahahhaahah...

so what do u guys think? ada macam tak.. haha~

Monday, February 8, 2010

♥ love story~ part of our life~♥

- 3rd party -
there's something between us both~ and i can feel it deep down inside
but he has someone else~My heart got a strong pain like a knife cut through..

his greediness wish that i stay

but to pleased myself and be fair to my own life.. I decide we shall discontinue our affair as no one will be hurt..

and so, i decide to leave....and That was the last time we sees each other...

- end -


story credited to alex yue

photos arragement credited to yenteng

models: loonz, hui wen and me *wink*

photographer: chun sin, hui wen and me *wink*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

my first time with brendan lee....

ohhh... ok.. i know my title sounded so obscene la.... *lolx* ( i did it on purpose)
anyway... it was cloudy at 3pm... (late shooting day) but thank god... it didnt rain~ *pheewww*
otherwise it will just spoil my mood after all my effort of make up and dressing.. hahaha~

personally... i love this pic alot.... damn got feel lo~ hehehee~

once again.. thanks to dear brendan lee....... and for more pics~~~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

first shooting after hair perm~ = =

sneak preview on my cheong sam shooting with brendan, loonz, chun sin and hui wen~

ok la.. it's a short post as usual... haven really go thru those photos.. so.. ya.. this is my hair permed.. but i tie it half also...

stay tune on my next coming post.. actually not much of my own photos la.. but of coz... i did snap some on others mah.. hehe~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tsk tskk.... 11 days to go~

i know i don have to mention this again, everyon already know that this year.. valentine day will fall on the first day of chinese new year.. and this coincidence only happens once in 900 years lo................ YES... 900 years (that's what i read from mag la.. if this is wrong info.. than.. that mag con me.. hahahahhaha)

T.T (and so... i'm lucky enough... to celebrate this so meaninfull valentine alone.......... *curse curse curse*)

11days to go.. omg....... so many things to do before cny lo~

~ hair cut
~ pedi and manicure
~ shop for cny clothes
~ diet (maybe just forget about diet plan.. since i'm noming damn alot snacksss)
and last but not least... CLEAN my ROOMMM........... omg.. i really try to clean my room few days ago... i took 1 whole HOUR... and only manage to clean my magazine section.. omg...... and it's like 1/100000 done......... still got so much more to cleannnnnn........ argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh die die die.......... so many thing to do and so little time.......... anyone wanna volunteer to clean my room.. teehheeee....

prettiest bride ever *drollllll*

while i was trying to filter my photo folders.............. i saw this folder taken last year 1day after christmas~....
once again, thanks to junhui tham~ cousin of my bestie..... he ask me to be his assistant.....
congratulations to rebecca and jefferey~

prettiest bride ever...... kill lots of my shutters~