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hong kong and macau 5days 4nights trip 16~20/11/07 (part1)

Day1: 16/11/07

Our flight is 6.30 in the morning, therefore, we have to reach KL LCCT by 5.30... The flight took about 3 and half hour..

picture before we depart... and it's raining!


Macau airport provide free shuttle bus to the jetty. but the next bus is at 12pm. so we just took a taxi from the airport to the jetty and it's just less than 10mins and it cost us 30RMB *less than RM15*. Bought the ferry tickets to Hong Kong for RMB240 per way, and the journey is around 1hour and 45mins. this depends to which ferry you took. there are a few ferries to hong kong, so you don have to pre-book or order first.


we arrive Hong Kong around 2pm. and we took a taxi to the hostel cause we didnt want to get lost at the first day with all the luggages.. Although it's just 15mins walk to the hostel.

We went to disneyland on the first day, the ticket is HKD295 per person. it's kinda late to go disneyland at this time because they only open till 7.00pm which we only have 4hours here... sob sob~

pc left: Fireworks at disneyland. they display it every night.
pc right: dinner buffet @cheft mickey

After the disneyland adventure and also the so so buffet, it's already 10.00pm and it's time to meet my sister.

we meet them at Lan Kwai foong, if ya familiar to hk drama series, you would know that this place are well known with lots of PUBS...*wink*

Oh... i realize something really cute is that, ppl buy beers from 7-11 and drink just along the street. it's really new to me....

look at the crowd @.@

after the beer section, my sis's fren touring us around lankwaifoong... too bad i didnt manage to take photo, coz out off battery... but at least this pic... police station in drama scene~

forget to mention that we have bought a 1day unlimited ride MRT tickets for HKD50. it's worth if you will be travelling to somewhere far and frequent. So, make sure you check out the chart and the price you'll travel first before getting the *UNLIMITED PASS* orelse, you can get the octopus card which you can use it on the BUS, taxi, train and even fast food chain...

Day 2: 17/11/2007

Was kinda tired because yesterday slept at 3something and the day before and i didnt sleep... and yet i have to wake up early today. Today we are going to TUNG CHUNG. it's a station near disneyland station. it's a new area which's famous with lots of OUTLETs... which means this complex are full with outlets and the outlets are mostly selling pass season cloths and it's really cheap... and don expect too much in LEVI's jeans... there are alot more outlets are worth looking at .... from lingeries to watches, to shoes, spects and clothes... and from ADIDAS, NIKE, ROXY, ESPRIT, TIMBERLAND to BALLY.. you just name it... *wink* check out the links and you will know what brand are they having... if ya not interested with outseasons stuff, you can don bother checking this place....

after 2hours shopping at the place, we didnt get much stuff because we just tought of comparing the prices, but we were wrong. so.. there's another tips.. just get it if you think you really like it, coz you will not get the same shoe model in other place expecially you wanted to compare to the shoes at SHOE STREET at mongkok.

we went back to mong kok after checking out the citygate mall... and meet up with my sis... they took us to CHAR CHAN SAT For porriedge... and it's really good... hehe.. after that, we went to ladies street.. it's something like KL's petaling street. more for tourism therefore, you must get ready to bargain...

must try their street snacks.. but still i prefer malaysia's LOK LOK.. haha~

Met up with my frens at the temple near temple street and after that, we went to jade street.. it's a street famous with dried seafood and obviously jade.

next... we are going to VICTORIA PEAK..

from jade street, we took MRT back to Tsim sha tsui to put our stuff back to the hostel... after that we took BUS to star ferry terminal to get a ferry across to central.... guess what, we saw sweet potatoes stall outside the ferry terminal.. so we tried one.. and it's kinda expensive.. HKD40per pc *OMG* but it's kinda nice..

soon, we are getting on board.. it's very convenience to get an octopus card, because the card even can be access when travelling with ferry...

*i'm so excited but dizzy* :p so no pic!

At first we plan to take the tram up to the peak. but we heard that the tram is very full. so, we change our mind and took the bus up... still the scenary is nice... hehe... 2thumbs up for the ride... it's almost 45mins ride, because it's not an express bus, so they still have to stop at every bus stop, that's why delay the time...

At the peak, there are restaurans, souveniers shop, and not to forget the famous madaam tussade wax museum... the entrance fees of the madaam tussade is HKD120 per pax and HKD230 per couple with a free guide book of the wax. if you took the package with the tram, you even get cheaper package... check out the website To finish the whole place, you must need at least 1 hour, and if you took pics with all the wax, you might need even more time.. but that day we went, there's alot wax statue been fixing.. so we miss out andy lau, aaron kok... sign~

ok.. so get back to the main point.. it's the best night scene i've heard... really beautifull with the light of their tall buildings and it's not only white and orange lights....

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