Friday, January 23, 2009

our pride- north- eastern coast of sabah

Sipadan~ Kapalai island

Yesterday i was reading a mag.. it's about SEMPORNA... a place that i have been 4 years ago.. a place that can access to more beautiful island in MALAYSIA.. and so proud that we have such beautiful island..

How to get there

To go to Kapalai, tourists will have to fly to Tawau and then take a 90-minute bus ride to Semporna, a fishing town east of Tawau.

The final leg of the journey is a 45-minute boat ride from the Semporna jetty to Kapalai.

It is also just 10 minutes by boat from the world famous Sipadan Island.

Kapalai... a place that i will call HEAVEN

crystal clear sea...
blue blue skywith big big cloud

i just love sabah island~

kayaking is just the best sports to admire the place...


Sipadan island.. just few minutes ride from kapalai island... another beautiful island.. unfortunately... due to the over expanding of the island, it started to be overload.. so, during the time i went to sipadan 4years ago was just after they announce the island has limit tourism and also not allow to stay... *what a waste*
so i hope malaysia gov will do something about this, educate ppl to take care of the place and appreciate that we have such beautiful island..

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