Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i want to be PRETTY......

who doesnt want to be pretty... if any of ur frens say they don mind about their looks... *wack her* coz she is definately lying... BUT... if she say she cares yet u don think she is pretty or u don think she really taking care of her looks... than u're wrong.. coz all of us have diff point of view on PRETTY and diff taste la..... so after reading voon's diet blog post.. i'm going to share with u.. ME~ YEN's evolution in this 5 years.... good? hahaaha... i don care.. i will still continue~

year 2003

nanage to guess which one is me? if cant just continue.. if can... than... also just continue and try entertain urself with more pics..
*hint hint: i look manly*

year 2003

ok.. i know the tip is obvious, coz only 1 man in that pic... haha... and this pic is same year as the previous pic.. i still look manly but with longer hair..but it's just wig * last time lose hair and bald..* so i always use bandana
year 2004

after f5, my hair grow back but *unfortunately* got white hair... so that's why i always got white hair lo...

and slowly the COTTON RAINBOW ~ FLY~ian appear

sticker photos taken this year..
so it's a very big/ besar/ da/ o~kii different rite... what do u think?
if i let u see my earlier age pic.. i think u will SHOCK k... i will post.. if u guys interested la..
TIPs on HOW I LOSE WEIGHT? will let u know on my next post..

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