Tuesday, May 12, 2009


can u remember what are u doing on last year's today? i remember it very clearly.. not cause of the SHICHUAN's incident... but it's my once only life time's APPENDIST operation... OKOK.. i know it wasnt really big deal la.... but it's like once in ur life le... *which i always joke NOW I'M more experience d.... =__=" not funny hor... anyway.. the reason i'm sharing here.. at least u read d.. u mai aware.. than u don have to suffer like me mah~

so the thing happened.. 1 year ago.. 5am in the morning... STOMACH start pain... i always has gastric.. so i didnt really bother.. till 6am.. i wanted to sleep.. but i cant.. i tot it was gastric.. so i took a TINY BITE of bread... and force to sleep... *tot i wil just go clinic around 10... but end up.. i just cant even stand for another 2 hours.. I WOKE UP @8 and went to check into DAMANSARA SPECIALIST.. (which i damn kao regret now)

CHECKING took me almost 3 hours... and no one consult me... and i didnt even know i need to be operate later... *so it doesnt really matter... so i was abandon at dunno where for like another 4 hours. coz i just ate that tiny pc of bread... !@#$%^&^%$#@.... so.. torture me for another half day...

so the moral of my story here... TAKE UR HEALTH SERIOUSLY la... don always assume it's just appendist and never really find cure on it k... coz APPENDIST MIGHT CAUSE DEATH TOO...

so.. happy reading.. muahahahah~

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