Tuesday, May 26, 2009

d 1st order of GATEUAX..

if u have read my post earlier... this wasnt the first time i ate this cake make from ko wai the pastry chef... but seriously it's even better... *wink*

the xoxo birthday gal.. admiring the cake... seriously.. we took sometime just sit there and look at the cake.. *STONED* didnt really want to cut it... coz we know we would just ruin it...

actually we shouldnt call this as cake... coz it doenst has those TYPICAL cake look and even those TYPICAL CAKE TEXTURE *spongy spongy* that we use to eat... u know what i mean rite... different of layers and texture... *salivated

and the fine finishing... really... em seh dak eat this cake....

and this time.. we manage to taste the gold... just the gold.. and it taste like... NOTHING... and the feeling is like eating the rice paper (neh... the paper that wrap the rabbit sweet wan le!!!)
anyway... i think this time is better than the previous wan.. or maybe it's just us.. *bigger portion, can taste better mah*
CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ORDER.. which is july.. wonder what kinda cake should i order than... but so weird rite.. i buy myself cake.. *hint hint bf*
so.. love this cake? if u want to have a special special cake for ur special special one..

2 dreams:

breadpitt said...

lol...gosh..thats a compliment ....aww..SUPER GLAD U ALL LIKE IT;-)))))

yann said...

hehe... we super love it k... and i'm waiting for my cake... stay tune with my next order k... hahaha