Thursday, September 3, 2009

day 2 hong kong trip (part 1)

20th aug 2009

didnt manage to had a good sleep... *i feel like my leg.. wasnt my leg, my hand wasnt my hand GOSHH...... TIRED.. neckpain... can i sleeep longer... *

(no time to waste... did i mention that i only had 48-2hours flight delay =46 hours in HK)

anyway.. i woke up at 8... i cant sleep last night because i use to work at graveyard shift... so.. i must have be super duper tired, in order to sleep.. so basically.. i had total of 8hours sleep for 2 days...

at first i plan to go ngorping for vege food.. but i was too hungry... so i had my breakfast at a *char sat near my place.. ( remember.. i only had 1 meal yesterday)

so i ordered SET A: which include a slice of bread, half boiled egg, milk tea, and ham& macaroni

it's like ham and macaroni soak in clear soup... (but it;s actually very tasty)

after breakie... i'm taking the cable car to ngorping
so, first, i need to take the mtr to tung chung and get the the Bexits....

this photo taken while walking.. it's SO PACK..... i missed 3 train... u can see sardines and burgers or even sandwiches inside.. LoL... *fine, i haven been taking LRT for like so long d.. i don know how pack will it be during peak hour*
the mtr ride almost took me 45mins...

* random photo snap at the mtr station... dunno why.. i just like this pic.. so cute rite*

i'm so lucky that the day is so clear.. (my fren keep complaining that it's raining whole day when he's there)

and the bus ride took me another 1 hour... DIZZy~ * i wanted to take the cable car.. unfortunately. they having maintainace lo*

bus ticket cost hk$ 35 return back (unlimited ride)

*look at the stairs.. MY LEG SHAKING already*

view from top..

and here.. the ngrping village.. didnt snap much photos.. coz i'm too tired already.. LoL
end of part 1... i will update my post real soon

2 dreams:

fufu said...

yeah the big buddha!! did you guys go shopping at tung chung station??

dreamydolls said...

yeahh.. i did went to shopping at tung chung station.. but not for myself lo.. hahaha...