Monday, November 23, 2009

seremban trip ^^

it's just 1hour journey from KL to seremban town... ( i didnt speed lo)

4 of us know nothing about the place... once we reach seremban toll.. we saw the *siew pau cheng* building... so.. we just make it as our first stop.

it does look tasty... but.........

no glove lo.... hahahhaaha ( like so dirty hor!!) anyway... it's just so so only.. PJ's seremban siew pau taste even better lo~

after with the not so satisfy teabreak @ siew pau chheng.. We went to museum... Haahaha (i guess)

i think this will be the so call minangkabau building

rumah panjang known as traditional long house...

the interior of the long house

looking thru the window

arggh........ Dunno wat to cap already......

foodie time... Actually seremban town is very small..... But for those visitor like us.. Will takes hours to get to the destination

so.. This trip, we never travel much place of interest..

Butter milk talipia fish (rm29)

famous seremban marmite bake crab(rm45/kg)

if u ask me how's the crab... I will say for the price i am paying i can get sri lanka crab d

this oone better -*ham dan hai* salty egg crab

and now... LOONZ the monkey (he claim himself macam monkey..) *anyway half of the folder is his photos lo...@____@"

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