Sunday, May 30, 2010

the 3days 2 nights BUDGET KK trip~ (1)

WELL DONE..... just wish to give myself US a big round of applause..............
HOW BUDGET WE WENT? actually each of us spent RM300 for 3days 2nights trip... maybe to some of u... might think that 300 might still be a little big costly (consider it's still very high.....) but imagine that we had seafoods everyday.. than u will beg to know how we manage to do that........
and so here i'm sharing.. or saje wanna blog about it...... ^^

after 2and half hours flight with airasia... finally we are here to the land of BORNEO ^^

once arrive, we rent a car from zaratech car rental (cheapest i can find in kk)
we get a proton saga for only RM80 per day (since taking a cab to town will cost RM30.. so it's a good deal ^^)
we check in into borneo gaya lodge quad room for only RM120 per night, which means RM30 each only ^^

just behind our hostel, there's SOGO market. we stock up our food and drinks for tomolo's camping...
and continue~ we walk towards the sea... (super hungry and almost faint jor) so we just stop at the indonesia stalls~
fried noodle (i think it's ok but more spaces to be improve)

and had AIS BATU KACANG with macarons and lou shu fun... *disgust* xp
so what i will say that.. if u are super hungry... still don try the food there.. lolx.. u will regret... haha~
filipino pasar~

that sell dry seafoods~

and MANGO.. ( we didnt stop down to get anything because too hungry... so we continue walking)

for like almost 20mins~ we reach sedco foodcourt

there's so many restaurant here... after simple analysis, we decide to try twinsky seafood

we had crab, prawn, fish and vege

super cheap crab which only cost RM6.80 per kg..

and also prawn which cost RM15 SUPERNICE lo...

this is how sedco food court looks like during at night la...

after satify dinner.. we walk back to our hotel.
we pass by the night market (to me... it's just like normal night market.. and i bet ours have more food variety la...)
but THIS......

they serve super nice ice cream which cost RM2.50 *slurppps*

ohya... it's hari keamatan, really not sure what issit about but they have some performance...
day 1 expensess RM 87.00 per pax... ^^

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