Thursday, June 10, 2010

day 2 budget budget kat kota kinabalu~

we were like trying to sleep at 10pm... but ended up.. all chit chatting till 12am... and force to sleep...

so ya... we woke up at 3am because the journey from kk city to kundasang need 2hours~ and william is gonna climb mt kk, so we must be there at least 6~

have lost count of the cornerings and pusingan~ (the mobile phone GPS somehow works better than we expected... but it's our first time using it.. so kinda confuse.. but YES... we manage to find our way up after few wrong attempt~)

at first tot we wanna be there before sunrise~ but seriously i didnt expect that, sunrise at kota kinabalu is like 5.30 in the morning... but stil we love the scenary....... over look at the great kk mount .... felt *love~

we were bloody hungry~ (coz no time to prepare or look for food when we leave our hostel)

and the restaurant only provides western style buffet whcih cost 60 above ) and if we really had that, our budget sure got GG liao~ hahaa

the only group pic~

haha.. yeah.. i know i look abit overdress if i say i'm gonna hike....

this is the starting point... tot wanna walk 1 small round and check on their hot spring area... BUT I WAS TOO COLD TO WALK already.. so ya.. stay inside car better... ^^

so, after few hours none stop camwhore with the place... we left, since william start his journey... left us 3~

we went heaven~ *wink* choiii... not die jor.. but the place.. seriously... damn nice

blossom flowers~ *love*
nice little pony~ *love*
even been just a little insect at this place is just so *love*
and the place i'm reffering is DESA MILK FARM located at kundasang kota kinabalu~ less than 1 hour drive from the mt. kk main entrance~
this is the main building~ (wonder why i didnt take any pic inside the building~)
ohya.. they have milking section.. but it;s in the evening 3pm~ so next time u guys can manage to adjust the time urself...

camwhore section~

we just love the place till we didnt want to leave... but.. tummy growling d.. so must find food jor~

ohya.. forget to intro their milk.. (wtf right) they have vanilla milk, goat's milk and chocolate milk *yummm*

enjoy so much~ FRESH FROM FARM~ (or maybe they have put at the fridge for like damn long jor.)

SALUT RESTAURANT~ 20mins from kk city and it's just on the way when we back from kundasang~

this time, we have only ordered

salt bake crabs (RM40)reluctantly still ok~

softshell crab (rm30) this suck big time~

milk butter prawn~ (RM 40) so so only~
basically i wont recommend u to eat at salut restaurant
first, the service suck~
than the food suck
lastly it's so expensive lo~
i wonder why ppl keep promoting this place............. but ok la.. mai take it as eat enviroment lo~
after lunch~ we headed to jessolton jetty~

at the counter~ i seriously recommend that, u guys must research each counter...

the boat ride just is just only 15mins~

it's like abandon island~ so scary~
and we even saw * 4leg snake~* one we arrive = =" swt~

even the restaurant is not operating............ (GG liao)
set up tent~ (camping with other 2 none experience really not a good idea~)

after setting up the camp... we fall asleep~

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