Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Am i moist enough? That's the very first question i ask myself and to all my dear friends (gals especially) when i came across any lotion or skin care products. Because honestly, i dun think i am in the group of those lucky people who born with very nice skin - fair, tender and moist skin with a nice complexion. Seriously, i am NOT.

So because of that, i have to always shop for skin care products and spend a huge amount of $$$ on my skin just to make sure i can walk out on the street and have a little more self esteem over myself. I dun know for other people, but to me, skin is really a very important asset for ladies. Come on, which girl would want a bad skin - dry, rough and dark skin? I dun think so....

And so for many years i have tried different products and different brand. Some good, and some is just not suitable for my skin i guess and because of that sometimes i ended up wasting a lot of money for buying stuff which i cant use and for those good skin care product which is suitable for me, is normally quite pricey and therefore i am still spending a lot just a couple of basic skin products like lotion and moisturizer. Till one day, i came across a promoter from a pharmacy and she was actually promoting this product Vaseline and invite me for a 5 minutes short conversation just to explain a bit about the product. During that time, i was thinking "come on, is just Vaseline and is like a normal product and how good can it be for that price? "
Ok... i know i am being a bit skeptical, but that's just me. I always believe in the saying "Quality comes with a price"
But i still listen to her and while she is describing she also tried the products on my skin. Immediately after the cream was applied to my hand, i felt it got smoother and moisture!!! Ok, i am not selling an advertisement here, i really felt that and i am not exaggerating.
"The best part of this Vaseline lotion - effective and not expensive" that's what the promoter girl told me and that's the reason why i bought it home. Hahaha... Ok, to be honest, is because i don't mind trying new products and i believe everything deserve a chance. *wink

I bought home the Vaseline Total Moisture Dry Skin Lotion and i start using that daily - morning and night. I must admit is really an amazing product because i only use it for 2 weeks and i can already see the difference of my skin compare to before. My skin used to be very dry and is not moisture enough. The skin care product that i was using before this, it only helps to keep my skin from being dry and if i stop using it for few days (sometimes traveling oversea and forgotten to bring it) i can immediately feel that my skin is drying. BUT not for this Vaseline which i just bought. After 2 weeks of using it, i actually tried stopping it for 3 days and my skin is still moisture and amazingly it kinda changes my skin like healing it.

For those who dun believe on what i said, you can just go to the nearest pharmacy and get one of this Vaseline lotion to try it out. (Is not so expensive to try it after all)
I am not saying that now i have the best skin or the most moisture skin in the world, but Vaseline lotion really does help me to improve on my skin a lot, even the complexion. I love it and i just want to share this piece of information with people out there, especially those with skin problems like me. = )

So the question is, are you moist enough? If you are not, try this out and i am pretty sure you wont regret it. Am i moist enough? Well, i think i am a greedy person, i dun mind my skin being more moist... HAHAHAHA... Ok, is for you to judge whether I am moist enough, but personally, i am grateful for this skin improvement of mine and thanks to that, i have more self confidence for myself.

and i just love vaseline total moisture because i only need to apply once and i get the effects of 10x more moisture.......... *wink*

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