Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NINJA JOE @ tropicana city mall


honestly, just by the logo or name itself, u will not able to guess what's the shop selling~

i have pass by few times, just tot the decoration kinda attractive... but lack of curiosity to check out what they selling till my bf brought me here and told me that they have PORK burger <>

they sell mini pork burger which u might able to finish it with just 1 bite...

pork burger * original*

u will never go wrong with original flavor~ and i guess it's the best among the 3 i tried~

*sweet and sour*

~ it was okay for this.... but maybe i just don really fancy sweet base stuff.. but worth trying too~


will be even better if it's spicier lo~

shurikens (mash potatoe + nuggets)

they don have wide selections~ but just PORK burger itself.. i'm super satisfy already~

anyway, they have 6flavours : orignal, sweet and sour, oriental, teriyaki, spicy, black pepper

RM 5.95 for a mini burger~ hmmm... it's kinda costly~ but it's pork... so~ what can i say ^^

so ngam... bb's shirt matching with the ninja~ lolx

Ninja Joe

Lot LG 18. tropicana city mall

No. 3, jalan ss20/27,

47400. Petaling jaya.