Monday, July 20, 2009

day2 @ perth~ swan valley

honestly.. i say i will give up.. but i still hope that my mr. right is still him.. i just dunno why, anyway, sorry for bringing back this issue... cause that day was just so... just so romantic and even the dish was so perfect, and i didnt even expect that i'm eating with someone that don love me d.

*sob~ so..let's back to my perth post before i'm start emo~ing again...

we went to swanvalley around 12 in the afternoon. i know it's kinda late.. but aren't travel suppose to be leisure and relaxing.. RIGHT?

so we took our time..

coz i think it's the best place because it consist of everything.. from wineries, breweries, farms, chocolate factory, caversham wildlife park, whiteman car museum etc..

once we arrive.. we went to the tourism center

*tips- each time visit a new spot, make sure u make a stop to the tourism center. GET THEIR MAPs. so u will have better understanding of where u want to go and not wasting ur time wandering around like us.. *wink*

first station
we are so hungry... we had our lunch at a very good atmospher and enviroment for couples, frens and family..

the food was real good..

and don forget to try their wine which cost aud$ 4 each head for 6 different type of wines (can share with ur partner, but don expect 1full cup

this was the best dessert wine i ever had ( actually i only had once) but really nice.. make sure u get the muscat
grapes farm

heading to station2: we saw rainbow....

so we went to chocolate factory

and free chocolate tasting..
i love the dark chocolate... really nice

we suppose to go carvesham wildlife park.. but it's around 5 d.. so cancel lo..

we went to king's park...

little creature brewery restaurant

the environment is good

pork belly.. really good
chili mussle.. *really good, even i don eat mussles.. i also think that it's the best.. MUST TRY
kangaroo meat *taste geli to me*
the food is really good...

we end the day by going to the light house.. and it's bloody cold...

argghh.. sorry for the boring post.. it's still moody mood

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