Monday, July 6, 2009

preparation for my perth trip T__T

3more days to go *30hours to be exact... and i'm flying to perth... (haven pack yet. unlike my previous trip to tokyo.. i packed 2months in advance.. )

my bag... so empty.....

ohh... but i have prepare something for *during my flight...

facemask- i heard it wasnt really help to prevent.. but just bloody don care... *feel secure also mah*
lipbalm- i have dry lips..
lotion- and dry skin too..
dettol hand sanitizer- since they say must keep our hand clean.. so i guess it's the only way..
panadols- pop the whole bottle if i realize i'm having fever
thermometer- that's how i'll know that i''m fever or not.. i don want to spent my 1week hols in PERTH HOSPITAL... (T__T)

and this..... i bloody spent RM200 on this.. and i got even more sick.. FLU AND COUGH after taking those vitaminC and prevent flu pill (T__T) RM200 gone... sob~

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