Tuesday, July 21, 2009

self drive trip up north~ (1)

i'm so excited when i'm posting this.. it was the most fun part of the whole trip... we had a day trip up north, just to visit lancelin sand dune and also pinnacles dessert...

tips: i might suggest u selfdrive for this trip if u have more people joining, if just alone, than just follow tour will be good, coz u cant drive all the way up north alone.. *really tired*

and i'm really proud that it's a great success that we save alot by selfdrive for this trip. normal tour for this trip might cost from aud$150~200..

we woke up around 6something... and headed to AVIS at wheelspool for the car rental

we booked thru internet coz it's always cheaper *BUT... continue reading till the end than u will know*

so.. we took a rav4 (a 4x4 car which is good for trails to the dessert) also it's one of my dreamcar*GPS is damn cool* no wonder emeryn wanteed to get 1 after her perth trip...

first station.. is breakfast.. we went for dimsum, but the restaurant only open at 1030, we were toooo hungry.. so we went to took some snacks.. like sausages around northbridge

how's the food.. normal lo.. just trying to fill up our tummy nia

but this cheese sausage is good... *nyaammm*

finally.. it's 10~

rice.. so so only

and this.. squid... really nice too.. ARGGHHH.. i'm missing those food. *soob~

so after breakfast.. we start our journey to north *approximately 127km from perth*

once the journey start.. i actually fall asleep, but suddenly.. i feel the road is very bumpy.. so i woke up... and the first thing i saw * i swear it's the first thing i saw when i wake up and i just snap*

such a wonderful place.. don u think those plants look like in those cartoon * bugsbunny, those grasss that will walk around*

it's a sunny day... i just love taking pics with this weather.. everything just look so nice *wink*

after 2 and half hours of bumpy ride.. *finally we arrive
*bloody GPS rented from AVIS wasnt working.... *curse curse curse*

and to be continue....

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