Thursday, December 11, 2008

inspired by the *fourfeetnine..

yeahh.. i know i was out of topic. i use to post where i went la... and where i eat la.. blablabla... but.. cant post much rite.. i go overseas at least once every two months la... err.. consider alot to some ppl la.. but still.. it's not enough to make this blog to be more active rite.. so i will start adding post on my daily stuff.. err.. not daily.. just something more decisive that will change my life la.. *suddenly sounds so serious hor..

ok.. so today.. what's in my mind.. recently i read an article from some CHINESE NEWSPAPer... it's jewelry design courses organize by women development organisation of malaysia. JEWELRY DESIGN.. sounds interesting rite... actually i'm interested to everything.. i hope that i can learn everything at least abit la.. but it just hold me back of taking the course.. till yesterday i read her blog.. actually nothing much related to my topic.. but it's just inspired me by just decide to take the course..

* DIAMOND is women's best friend.. so yeah.. i should take the course so that i can understand my best friend more.. haha.. don you think so too.. hehe.. anyway.. to you guys who is reading this and interested of taking the course.... no worries.. i will share the details too since we cant really get much information on the net... they actually MAIL it to me...


introduction of jewellry design course

course include: jewellry design, gem authentication, diamond grading, color stone grading

duration: 2 months (32hours)

class start: 9th jan 2009

fri 7.00pm ~9.00pm

sat 2.00pm~ 4.00pm

conducted in chinese or english

if interested, pls contact MR CHOW @ 03-3324 0207/ 019-337 4198)

more courses too....

diploma in jewellery course

RM30, 402.00

duration: 2 1/2 year

certificate in jewellery design course

RM17, 790.00

duration: 1 1/2 year

diploma in gem authentication course

RM30, 402

duration: 2 1/2

certificate in fem authentication course


duration: 1 1/2

short courses in jewellry design

level 1 RM4200 (3months)

level 2 RM5200 (3months)

level 3 RM6200 (3months)

short courses in grading

gem authentication RM8000 (180 hours)

diamond grading RM4000 (60 hours)

color store grading RM4000 (60 hours)

synthetic& treated gem identification RM4000 (60hours)

*wink wink with the blink blink* so tempted rite.. hehe.. anyway.. i guess will just take the introduction short course la.. see i like it or not.. hehe..

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