Monday, December 29, 2008

tokyo trip *day 1

sorry guys that i didnt update what i've prepapre for my japan trip.. *too rush d.. all last minute... so i never manage to update the post as i promised... anyway... it's still better that i just let you know what u should bring when you travelling to tokyo during this season *winter*

what i think YOU should bring that will comes handy... so you don have to bring so many things.. which i did... haha

1- multipurpose electronic converter... or u can get the 2pin point flat head
2- camera charger.. and enough of memory space for your cammy... you'll definatelly need that
3- lotion & lipbalm (didnt really use it, but yah... it's recomemded.. the weather really dry)
4- winter jacket aka wind breaker.. coz it's comfortable with the winter there but... when it's blowing.. really dunno where to hide d....
5- ear muff and glove
6- don have to bring so many nice nice clothes la.. you don really need it.. just 2 nice nice jackets will do.. no one can see what ya wearing inside also... haha

and lastly.. of coz MONEY... no money no talk k... even the trasport also cost hell alot... OMG... i guess i spent around 500 for the transport..

RM3000 only got 77000 yen

this is the place i stayed.. TOSHIMAEN... damn lovely place.. will upload more pics for the next post k.. love this place..

our first meal at japan aka christmas meal... JAPANESE BBQ... hmm.. at least there's no kimchi. so it should be japanese.. hahaha..i heart the dessert k... so nice.. except the freezeedddd strawberry.. hard as rock... but the puff really soft and tender... and the ice cream.. really... OHHH.. i miss it so so much k...

see.. it does looks like korean bbq rite... but it does really tasty...


it's at toshimaen.. the place i stay... really nice... **** 4 stars.. haha

and that's it.. end of the day.. no celebration.. too tired to go all the way to tokyo k...

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