Wednesday, December 3, 2008

preperation for my TOKYO trip....

omg... it's 3rd of dec yet i'm not even applying my visa yet... and why... coz... i also dunno why i drag till today.. anyway... i'm going tomolo...hopefully everything will be done... as normal procedure la.. coz normal procedure only takes 3 working days and my trip is just.. 21days left... *finger cross* pls... nothing happen to my visa approval... everything will go smoothly... ah man, amitabha, alah also help me la...thank you.....

so back to the main topic... why i started with this title.. coz i realize there's so so so many things to prepare to get a japan visa.. and when u search thru the net... there's so many complication on getting i just brief some of the steps la... at least will help some people out there who is going to apply a visa to japan.. rite? nvm...

so first, i will list down.......

Embassy of Japan & Consulate-General Offices in Malaysia

Embassy of Japan in Malaysia

• No.11, Persiaran Stonor, Off Jln Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

• Tel: +60-3-2142-7044

• Fax: +60-3-2167-2314

• Office Hour : Monday to Friday: 08:30 ~ 12:30

• Office Hour : 14:00 ~ 16:30

• URL :

• Consular Section & JIS Section:

• Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon;

• Monday - Friday:2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Consular Office of Japan (PENANG)

• Cover area : Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Perak, Kelantan, Terangganu

• 28th floor, Menara BHL, No. 51 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang

• Tel : (604) 226 3030

• Fax : (604) 226 1030

• Office Hour : Monday to Friday

• Office Hour : 09:00 ~ 12:00

• Office Hour : 14:00 ~ 16:00

Consular Office of Japan (JOHOR)

• Cover area : Johor, Pahang

• Suite 15B, Level 15, Menara Ansar, Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim / Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bahru

• Tel : (607) 221 7621

• Fax : (607) 221 7629

• Office Hour : Monday to Friday

• Office Hour : 09:30 ~ 12:00

• Office Hour : 14:00 ~ 15:30

Consular Office of Japan (KOTA KINABALU)

• Cover area : Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan

• 18th floor, Wisma Perindustrian, Jalan Istiadat, Likas 88400 Kota Kinabalu

• Tel : (60-88) 25 4169

• Fax : (60-88) 23 6632

• Office Hour : Monday to Friday

• Office Hour : 08:00 ~ 12:00

• Office Hour : 14:00 ~ 16:00

step 2 :download the visa application form here and make sure you know what's your purpose of travelling to japan. fill in the forms... no worries that the link will provide sample as well...

step3 : download the itinerary form here. but i don have sample... wait till i got the visa approval than i will share with you all...

step 4 : so after download download and fill in fill in those forms... there's something you must have to get the visa....

Requirements for visa to enter Japan

(Holiday/ visiting family/ friends/ relatives

one original visa application form+ original passport + 1 passport size photograph. (4.5cm x4.5cm)

Original company letter stating your position, period of service, purpose of journey, length of stay, guarantee of expenses, name of person(s) accompanying (if any) and the relationship to the main applicant. Etc.

For those who are not working, please write a self explanation letter about your trip to Japan such as what are your purpose of the journey, length of stay in Japan, guarantee of expenses, name of person(s) accompanying (if any) and etc.

Personal saving account/ fixed deposit/ current account statement (must show the applicant’s name, account number and current balance) or company’s account and copy of the business registration.

Please bring along both the original bank statement and a clear photocopy when applying for visa OR original certified true copy from the bank (bank officer must write his/her name, sign and stamp using the bank rubber stamp.)

\ Copy of the marriage certificate (for spouse) or birth certificate (children) to show the relationship between the main applicant and the person(s) accompany him/her.

Visiting family/ friends/relatives in Japan

Invitation or guarantee letter from the person you intend to visit in Japan(letter should be addressed to Embassy of Japan)

Copy of the person’s passport, visa stamp, stay permit in Japan and alien registration card. For Japanese friend, family: copy of the passport only.

Proof of relationship between the applicant and the person in Japan(e.g. :marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc)


Please arrange all the document according to the sequence. Copy of documents submitted will not be returned.

All photocopies must be on A4 size paper.

Collection of passport will be three (3) working days for Malaysian (subject to approval).




11, PEWRSIARAN STONOR 8.30 A.M. - 12.00 NOON

OFF JALAN TUN RAZAK 2.00 P.M. - 4.00 P.M.

50450 KUALA LUMPUR TEL: 03-21427044 FAX: 03-21431739

to get more information.. just leave comment le...

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