Monday, August 10, 2009


in this few weeks, i'm evaluating of myself.. why i'm stuck in here again... *as in my relationship status* i hate the way of starting all over... * it's just so sien.. i don really like it... *

and last night.. i saw a post by kennysia * female interest level scoreboard*

i found out that, i actually gaving wrong signals to guys d... shitty sial...

GUYS do read this ok.... *it's how i did it to my ex also* and i didnt realize....

Add points if:
She hugs you. +5 points
She hugs you so tight it almost suffocates. +10 points
Laughs at your jokes. +5 points
Eyes locked onto yours when she’s talking to you. +10 points
Leans forward across the table when talking to you. +15 points
(Unless your voice damn soft lah, then it’s a false positive and –20 points)
Holds onto your shirt when going through crowded areas. +5 points
Holds onto your arm when going through crowded areas. +10 points
Holds onto your hand when going through crowded areas! +15 points (that’s why we bring girls go clubbing. It’s a test, you see.)
Gaze at you intently when you’re not looking. +10 points
Before saying goodbye, she pauses as if waiting for something. +15 points!
Subtract points if:
She does all the stuff above with her normal friends anyway. –5 points
She does the above stuff, but only when she’s drunk. –10 points
Instead of hugging you, she shakes your hands. –20 points
Laughs at your jokes, but very painfully and forcefully. –10 points
Looks around the room impatiently when talking to you. –25 points
When she talks to you, the only topic of conversation is about her ex. –30 points
When she talks to you, the topic is about her current bf. –99 points!

*just camwhore abit*

By the end of the night, total it up, and see whether or not you pass or fail.
If you score: 0 to 20 points, can hug her goodbye. Hug with one arm only. You are a friend only. 20 to 40 points, can hug her goodbye with both arms. Still friends. 40 to 60 points, can kiss her lah, but on the cheek. Don’t greedy! 60 to 80 points, you da man. Move in for lip lock. You got her! 80 to 100 points, according to the game The Sims, this is what they call “Woo Hoo!”

*all bold are copied from kennysia's blog
and gals.. do comment and let me know that * THIS SCOREBOARD WORKS OR WHAT.. or anything want me to add

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