Wednesday, August 5, 2009

modelling wasnt any GLAMOUROUS job....

planned to take a nap before work.. than suddenly yen teng called and ask for a favour from me... which is to pose for her... *gan jeongness* COZ I NEVER LIKE TO TAKE PHOTOS ALONE... and it's really pressure to pose infront of ppl... ( me-> no confident)

anyway.. it's just normal HAVE FUN kinda photograph section which yen teng wanna learn how to take studio photos la...

so i agreed... coz i guess.. everyone must have their first time in their life rite...

.......................... and seriously, it's not as easy as i tot.. *ok.. i wasn't born to be a model...*

although the process is really suffer... *wasnt try to scare those chicks out there who dreams to be a model* but standing infront of the camera.. and pose is really tiring... but what yen teng said was true that once u see the result of the photos... EVERYTHING is just worth it... so i LOVE my photos... (minus my fats la) so... ok la.. overall i did enjoy la..
so here i shall show off some of my photos taken by yen teng @ FUTAGOZA

don bleed k... otherwise prepare tissue *kidding*

thanks to yen teng - photographer/ make up artist

derrick neo- owner of FUTAGOZA studio/ photographer
rent a studio at futagoza! rm80 per hr @ contact 012 200 6036 for more informations on rental.(and it's a real good experience)

map to FUTAGOZA studio

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Emeryn said...

phew weet..*BIG* u know what i'm referring sexy lady ^.^ nice photos!

post more! share more! sharing is caring!

dreamydolls said...

haha.. maybe next post.. coz i haven get the photos from derrick...