Friday, February 26, 2010

day 3 at manado~

finally i have compile my last day adventurous trip at manado~ and yes.. we went for DIVING which cost 4millions rupiah for 5pax... which mean around RM300 for discovery scuba diving course.. *weeeee*

from manado port to bunakeh island is just around 1hour~

a pic of me when arrive... *dark cloud behind... storming soon~*
they gave us the short brief in the small chalet office
after change~
back on boat~ didnt i tell u that i have seasick... @_@
1.2.3 ~ ready and here i go

group pic with the MASTER~***
the island is superb~

so.... i find mr. X to act as my bf.. lolx~ since the place is so romantic... hehe~

didnt know there's even CHURCH at island~ *salute~*

after lunch... we back to hotel and rest till evening... we went for local dinner

18000 rupiah for per pax... which is like less than RM7 for the dinner.. and it's buffet style~

there's so many food to eat....................

weeeeeeeeeeee~ full course.. nyam nyamm... but minahasa food is really spicy... so if u cant take spicy food... don try.. but if u love spicy food... MUST TRY *wink*

3 dreams:

fufu said...

wow cant wait to quickly finish my study and go get a diving license >< i wanna swim with the fishes =p

dreamydolls said...

Fufu swim with fishes really damn nice..

taufulou said...

eh, u a diver also ah..~ heeee

the moutain looks like volcano erupted~