Thursday, March 25, 2010

my kinda EARTH HOUR celebration~

imagine now... everyone~ the whole world is doing this.... and only malaysia TNB wants to sue WWF over Earth Hour~ (serioisly.. i cant stop laughing over the stupidnity of it.... OMGOMGOMGOMG.... seriously.. cannot tahan lo~)

remember this face la.. his name che khalid~ “Obviously these green-minded fellows think they’re really cute, organising such an irresponsible campaign,” said Che Khalib angrily. (personally i think what he said is damnnnnnmm creative le.. ... so make sure u read the full news ya~ )

for the full news click here

so ya.. what's my plan~ honestly.. i haven plan anything yet... but i just don wish to join those concert or countdown type of earthhour~ coz it suppose for u to save energy but a concert actually cause more lo.... ( so... what's the main point of earth hour~ i guess u have spent triple more energy lo)

and now stupid TNB say we spent less... haiya they didnt know that just that 1 hour.. acutally ppl spent more 6hours energy... lolx~

hmm.. maybe sipping a cup of tea under open air....looking up the sky~ and feel the mother earth... (without the mosquitoe of coz... ) *argghhh.. how i wish i was now at 10 years before.. which the sky is full of stars.. unlike NOW... wanna see few tahi lalat also hard d... LoLx

3 dreams:

taufulou said...

go to the lake or pond and llit up candles..

aiya..that guy comment la. . he needs to go to the outskirt and 'fan seng ha'

dreamydolls said...

yeahh... good idea also.. but.. candle.. burning oxigen la.. lolx... can i lite up mobile phone.. WOOOtzz....

Jack Ng said...

stupid n funny la ...... thanks weii ... im gonna blog about this too ...... wakakakaka.......