Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bagan lalang~ sepang

a short day trip to bagan lalang >_<

it's almost 1hour journey from hmm~ sunway * i lost count of the time, because we drop by a few places before there... and so~~~~~~~

by the time we reach there is around 5something 6....

~ crabbie~

the sand is really smooth and soft.. (i swear... it's really nice sand BUT~ the sea is BLACK lolx~)

when we're there... we had mud spa... LoL...

air surut when we arrive~ (what do we call that in english ar.... )that's how we got our mud spa lo~

ok... i still love the sunset even the beach wasnt that clean.... the sand and the enviroment is good... haih~ what to do... polluted already T T~

and next is foodie time~

ikan pari bakar * sting ray* RM 8~

goreng sotong*fried squid* RM 6

tom yam *RM4

cili kering lala~ RM 8

and another dish~ kailan RM 2.50

otak otak RM10

hmm~ total meal cost less than 50 for 3 pax... consider cheap for me la... coz all of us so full~ *slurp... suddenly just feel like eating otak-otak le... haih~