Friday, March 26, 2010

3days 2nights @Kota kinabalu- MAY trip~

My initial plan to kk is to conquer the Mt. kk in 10hours (which I think is so damn impossible… LoLx)

since it’s like MISsion impossible d, must well I change my plan to much relaxing trip than make myself half way up mountain and pay ppl to carry me down… *and I don wish to spoil my fellow frens trip also…

and so~ I remember one of my fren told me before that we can actually camp at one of the island near kk… so after further research.. I know that. The island call pulau sapi… and I don think there’s any place to accommodate… and it’s really CAMP.. u know.. set up fire this and that.. (macam ia aje~) I have no camping experience but damn wanted to camp lo..

ferries from jesselton point ferry terminal to Labuan is 3hours (tempted to go there, but I have limited time.. so forget about it)

package trip to Brunei is like RM56 (lagi tempted.. coz I’m actually completing my SE. Asia tour mah~ but same reason.. I cant make it.. T_T)

so…. Boats also leave for the tunku adbul rahman marine park.. and regular departures to manuka island, gaya island, and other island include pulau sapi… *wooottzzzzz* so gonna take their island hopping lo… wuhhooo~ happyyyy…………. Cant wait for my following trip d lo~ 2months to go….
Things to do in Kota Kinabalu~

Kota kinabalu was formerly known as Jesselton. Named after sir charles jessel. And on the 30th sept 1967 it renamed as Kota kinabalu (chehwahhhh~ I google for it la… I always fail my history…LoLx)

Places of interests

- Atkinson clock tower
One of the most enduring landmarks in KK. Was build on the 1903. this all- wood and didn’t use a single nails structure was built in memory of Francis George Atkinson ( I think I wanna build a tower too… so that can name after me *dreamyclocktower* gila sial….lolx)

By getting there~ u can stroll there or get a cab. From the bottom of signal hill road at padang merdeka, turn left to get to the clock site.

- gaya street (Sunday market)
formerly known as bond street (isshh~ why they like to change name wan… BOND street macam james bond already not cool enough.. still need to renamed as Gaya street only can feel the ohhmm ar… hahahah)

Gaya street located in the KK Central business district~ and it has been over 100 of years~ the street fair is on every Sunday from 6 in the morning till 1pm~

getting there?
A short stroll from anywhere around the city~ u wont miss it~


Jesselton point water front

Island hopping ~ Tunku Abdul Rahman Park~

CAMPING at SAPI ISLAND~ *wweeeeeee*
The camp tent is just RM 50 per night.. and RM5 per pax to over night at the island.. so total is jst RM30 each pax of us… CHEAP… but we must bring our own food there.. really macam camp… (first time le.. so damn excited and gan jeong lo… muahahahha)
So what to bring for camp ar? Seriously.. I never have experience about camping.. plus I heard that island has wild boar~ *should I sing HAKUNA MATATA~ = “ swt gao gao.. but they only attack males.. coz of the smell.. Phewww, BUT… me damn gao boyish.. maybe I got guys hormone.. so they might attack me lo… haha.. wish me luck ba~

Kota kinabalu~ 3days 2nights trip @ 14~16 may 2010~

So here’s the brief of my kk trip plan la… HOPEFULLY~

Day 1 arrive KK @ 3pm~

Upon arrival~ check in to hostel and self KK city tour~

Seafood dinner *woootzzz*

Rest early and prepare for day 2 trip~

Day 2: wake up @7am~

Prepare and head to DESA dairy farm~

Day 3: wake up for sunrise~ island hopping~

Visit the Sunday market GAYA STREET for local food and souvenirs~

wish me luck with my KK trip~ more trips need to be plan~~~

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