Thursday, February 5, 2009

SUNGKAI hot spring PART 2*

LET me introduce u... the family bath...
can fit in 7pax max la.. and just RM75 per hour...

love shape poolll... isnt it lovely~

cant wait for the half naked pic i have mentioned earlier???!!!?
and now.. here u'll see..
just don be tooooo excited la..

see... half naked pic as i promise.. i never lied~ hahaha

it's really relaxing..
normally hotspring has strong sulfur smell.. but this.... just like normal wan.. and u'll feel ur skin smoother... haha.. duno izzit just my illusion...

FOODIE time~

it's pouring outside and we're starving after hot spring.... * at this unfamiliar place and *malay kampung area + it's CNY.. really hard to find food lo... after 15 mins ride from the hotel... actually we just follow along the road and... FINALLY we saw a bright light leading us to this...... *which is the only RESTAURANT that is still OPEN..

CHOY KEE kedai makan
tel: 05- 438 6287 h/p: 019-336 9609
add: 35, jalan besar. 35600 sungkai
perak darul ridzuan

OFF during thurs... so.. if u're there during thurs.. sorry pal.. hahahaha

as u can see.... their famous dish... PORK KNUCKLE..
wondering... that do we consider lucky or not..PORK KNUCKLE IS SOLD OUT...but at least we're their last customer... coz they only left like chicken, pork, half of the fish, and only LONG BEAN... so that's what we've order....

marmite chicken * nyam nyam * 5thumbs up...

steam half bating fish
fried long bean
gong bou pork

and the dinner cost us RM63.. so still consider reasonable la... during CNY wor.... anyway... that's how we spent our first day.. and more foodie time....

on the second day... we went all the way up north just to get *yim gok gai * salt chicken.... but before that.. we stop by bidor for our breakfast....

bidor famous *pin chen* sell those *heong ben wan
and another thing is their duck noodle....

2type of duck noodle.. dry and soup wan.. for me.. both also taste mama only la... but i love their...

wu kok *fried yam with char siew filling... must try k...

so after our breakfast... we went up north.. at first.. i plan to go kampar first... but they say the bread curry chicken might not open yet... so end up.. we went to IPOH lo... and here is the IPOH famous salted chicken~

if u don know the way.. just call 05-2542998 for direction la.. coz really hard to teach u here...

yau kee... famous in CURRY CHICKEN BREAD... chinese we call it *min bao kai*
but i think this one.. also mama only la.. but worth to try once lo~

and so.. that's it for my CNY trip... let's wait for my next trip k... enjoy~

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