Thursday, February 12, 2009

the ninth day of CNY... * tian gong*

i know it's kinda late to post this d... but.. i still need to do this....
so here you are... the 9th day of CNY
but, we started on the eve of 9th~

i'm not hokkien~

all healthy lo~*wink*
wind strip rain along
money flow come come..

ahahaha... anyway.. it's my 2nd year to start praying first.. it does mean alot..
must got status baru boleh wan le.... it's like open ceremony.. i start than only others can pray...

my lovely coll mates...

and my dearest frens... mostly from primary... so call *greenery... because primary school frens are the most truthfull frens~

kin mun-----> future going to be daddy

and joycelyn-----> future going to be HOT mummy!!!!

Leo says that he don gamble.. and.. he did proofed that we all mmg chinese.. hahahaha~


OMG.. it's like a baby reunion k... they are so so Q lo~

he's a vietnam baby~ Qhor~

he damn cool k.. saw pretty chick.. than don choi me wan~ kek sei~

left eunice, carry on hand kenny
she is the pretty chick *my enemy!!

this is nicholas... my grandchild
but he never like mama carry him wan lo... ohya.. the one who carry him wasnt his dad...

shh... i edited this pic.. fake fireworks... so police don come find me k~

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