Monday, February 16, 2009

love on the air and rolling down the hill~

14 feb 2009

fine.. i know my title it's kinda like.. breakup.. but i just want to describe what i did on that day.. don believe????? later u will know than~


9 pairs of us was divided into 3 team...

team I is to setup the basket and attach the something like fire gun*

team LOVE is to unfold the balloon which is weight 200kg

team YOU is to handle with the rope~

the basket that can hold up to 400kgs

*2 holes in the pic bigger 1 is for us to step and climb on

and the smaller 1 is for securing the basket purpose

securing the gas tank to the basket
*and this is the fire gun i've mention earlier
imagine if your head is just slightly nearer~..... >____<" *bold u go~
while we're busying with the basket.. and they have start unfolding the balloon~

and everyone help to attacth everything together~

they use fan to blow the balloon~ at least bit shape la~

so tht we can get in.. and snap some pic~

our group pic inside the HUGE ballooon

and now... we put on fire to make it fly~

luckily i wasnt the photographer of this pic~ *sweat -__-"

it's HOTT~ can actually feel the heat from the place i stand right here~

try to hold the basket...

another group pic of us~ with the hotair balloon

finally.. it's our turn~

view from high up there... *actually i scare of height~

scare till dunno how to smile d~ see my smile so numb d~

and it's really HOOOTTT tooo~ so now i know why ppl called it as HOT AIR BALLOON~

and now.. we learn how dismantle the hot air balloon

and now here i present u.. the zorbing balllll

imagine how am i suppose to stuck myself into that small little hole ar~

safety first~

securing yourself...

seeeeeee.. rolling down the hillll

messy look... after a bumpy ride~

this is the KANGAROO
never manage to try.. coz too many ppl there d.. so maybe next time~

and here is our lovely breakfast.. with nice nice muffin with our name on it.. sweet~

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