Sunday, March 1, 2009

they are just like bra.. holding you up when you're down~


recently, my bestie has back after 2 years she left malaysia.. and the reason she back wasnt as i expected la *we expect u came back with the news.. HEY BABE.. i'm marry... haha... anyway.. after seeing her...

i felt we were back to those days.. when we laugh with our small jokes* even it's just a mua chi and taufu story...even now... we talk.. crap about politic, the pet,environment, gossip about others, our life... every topic will be our topic.. there's never awkward silence when 3 of us are together.. only laughters... althought we 3 not always together.. but our heart is.. that's why.. even so long we didnt see.. we just think it was just yesterday u just told me about the joke... anyway..*they always laugh first before i even can diagest what she had just mention... haha~ but, really appreciate 2 of u gals that always be there.. wait a min.. haha... no wonder besties always come in pairs la.. just like i'm the boobie and the other 2 will be the bra pad... *oppsie~ sorry.. but i guess it's the best way to describe how close we are...

love u gals~ smaukz~

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