Friday, October 30, 2009

-michelle and kheng han's ROM-

- 18 0ct 2009-

few weeks ago... my sis's fren asked me a favor by taking photos of her registration of marriage day... at that time.. i was struggling, because my long ago planed bali trip was on the same day.. *if the ROM is 2 hours early... than i guess i might not be as emo as i am right now...* and i might not bump into them... argghh.. (started again) fyi... i never go to BALI.... *regreted*

anyway.. it should be a happy post.. and once again.. congratulations to michelle and kheng han... such a perfect match... *wink*

sorry for been lazy... now it's like 2weeks delayed d.. and out of 295 filtered photos.. i only edited 8photos... *goshhh* i know i have been really slacky.. or i should say.. no mood la...

* i promise.. i will edit and upload more and share with u guys... *

see.. only 8 photos.. want more? u can check on yen teng's blog...
(i promise... i will edit more and upload on my next coming post... )
anyway.. i need to stop d.. it's 6.35am and i got a church wedding shoots @11am... wish me luck... and i will be STRONG... *wink*

2 dreams:

Michelle said...

omigosh, i didnt realise that u had planned to go to Bali! yikes! sorry, sorry. Thanks for coming for our ROM and fo rthe wonderful piccies! Keep up the good work k! ;) (onnoo feel quite badddd..)

dreamydolls said...

hahahahhaa... it's ok la.. it's a solo trip after all..