Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i need a *Sexercise* bed (18sx)

post below might consist a bit of sexuality
read at ur own risk...
so that ur papa and mama wont band my blog... haha

Getha is a good bed..
Getha is not a good bed..

*in order for those who wants to buy a new bed... i put both statements just to make sure u manage to google me easily... * hahaha

So, if u want to know is GETHA bed is good or not.. let's start reading than...

i bought a bed early this year before CNY for RM2.5k c/w the bedframe

SIZE: QUEEN size aka double

ok.. i know it's kinda costly.. but what to do.. fren's dad mah... must bong chan abit lo..

SERIOUSLY i love my BED ( human sleep 1/3 of their lifetime le.. so must get nice nice bed)
BUT... the bedframe.. seriously cacat wan lo...

so here's my complain again...
i bought the bed for like less than half year lo.. but the bed frame now... like abit segek *actually didnt really realize till my maid told me... WTF.. i know it's bad.... what to do.. i sleep like a PIG...
(kinda scare at the same time.. wondering that the bed segek izzit coz that i'm really OVERWEIGHT?????) cant be right.. double bed should have manage to support double of my weight at least rite...

so yesterday.. my mom called

*ehh.. i tell u ar.. i really mad lo, if he wasn't ur fren's dad.. i think i really cari pasal with him d. u know what he say not. he say u jump on the bed too much d... so the bedframe break*

me:...................... (speechless)

*I BREAK THE BEDFRAME COZ I JUMP ON THE BED... alorr uncle.. i don jump on the bed.. u tot i'm still 10yrs old ar.... i think HE should say i have too much of sexercise than... is much much more acceptable lo.. but.. if that bed cant even support that... OMG.... (even more scare of my own weight now)

....... so just cut the COMPLAINING short... FYI my bed frame wasnt under GETHA.. so no warranty.. (i guess it's just capalang brand dunno where he got... than sell with the bed say it's HIGHEND product)

so not to busukan his furniture shop so obviously... *since is still my fren's dad* i'll just stop here.. but hopefully u guys manage to ask properly about the bedframe first..

anyway... to those who has read this post... i guess all of u sure thinking that i damn SUPER lo.. what kinda sexercise i've done and make my bedframe cant even last for half year la... hahahahahaha


NOW I'm looking for a new bedframe... any good recomemdation??? if u have a bedframe which is still tough after so long.. do let me know what brand and where u get... hahahaha

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★ whoaamello ★ said...

I had a bedframe problem as well but that was coz my dad got one of those tatty flimsy metal rail-ish ones... those hardly ever last. So now I've switched over to a sturdier frame. It's more of a platform to just have your mattress on. (Okaay, my description TOTALLY sucks. Sorry) I guess the best sorta bedframes are still the heavy wooden-esque or platform-y types. It's pretty "in" these days. You should just go bedframe browsing. I'm sure you'll come across `em.

yann said...

hahaha... don worry.. i have the picture in my mind when i read ur description ;P anyway.. i guess i'm having those PROBLEm bedframe.. *ishhh* damn regret of giving away my bedframe.. although is kinda old d.. but it's durable.. *wink* hahaha