Sunday, June 21, 2009

no. 100 post

Sorry for not been blogging lately.:) not i'm lazy is just that i seriously didnt go anywhere and doesnt know what to blog*excuses* ha ha.. So.. In order to make my blog active.. I must write something hor.. So die die also must out with a topic.. So here goes.. Since i'm curious and kepoh enough to start this question.. What's your life achievement or *so call what you plan to achieve in life la.. i'm 22++ (not yet birthday ma) for those olden days aka my parents ages.. Most of them like got dozen of kids by that ages d..*just trying to exaggerate but still possible for your grandparent's era..So.. Let me start with mine first.. 23years old soon to be.. It's really consider old enough to make judgements already.. So what do i wanna do? I work for my family like.. Almost 3years.. Exclude those part time part time la.. Wanted to try other industry.. But i know there's never been any better place to stay like my family/own business: if you got what i mean.. Cause it's like passing down to their kids when they retire.. so now.. Why i hate my family business??Not to say hate.. Seriously.. I enjoy my work.. As in.. Not much pressure.. And seriously chillex.. * business size.. 10k of chickens dies at my factory..* will blog about my factory on next coming post.. So.. Why i say i hate my job again.. Oh ya.. My office operates everyday.. *yes.. Even labour day, chinese new year, hari raya, christmas, agong's birthday, any occasion that you can name it.. We still need to work.. Unless gov set a day of NO CHICKEN SLAUGHTER DAY* we even operate during bird flu That was the boring part.. So frens will always tease at me.. Cheh.. You boss's daughter ma.. Just take off la.. Yes.. I THINK i can.. But the thing is.. Who can replace my place wor.. oh.. Ok.. My job doesnt require high skill.. No need damn smart.. No need to get good grades in spm, pmr, upsr.. All you need is. To be under my family tree.. EASY.. Yes.. Very easy.. And what i do in my office.. SIT THERE AND SCOLD PPL LO..rough way to say la.. I just sit there and manage on my workers, customers, and make sure my chicken die properly(halal)today just chated with my 3rd sis aka known as my boss..While i still working.. I texted her.(oh.. It's our culture to sms each other.. I think we talk to each others most during cny gamble.. Only gamble strengthen our relationship.. Ha ha..4ameh.. I think towfik not fit for this position d la.. Why don want to train other worker wor..
and she replied when i slept.. 5msg in total and there goes the story..*1: train who? You crazy ar, after towfik down. Just you or boy can sit there ok. Later ppl can eat all ok. You really ah..*2: you don simply trust bangla ok. Towfik follow us like 13yrs. Like our brother. That's why he can sit there. If towfik down. You and ah boy need work la.*3:once again, i make clear to you, only ppl related to us can sit that plc, or maybe ask kelly to come back. Or ah boy. Next time he need t run this biz.*4:what time towfik wake up daily? He everyday downstairs half work half chat till 3pm, he where got not fit so talkative.*5: i hope towfik can tahan till boy graduate. Meaning another 3yrs time.Fyi towfik is one of my main worker in my office.. No boss also never mind.. If he off.. I think this office can OFF.. So like this 13years d he been working at my place.. I think he only off for 2days which is like last year's raya.. You know how important his position is.:) 5 messages and i never reply any of it.. Seriously speechless and dunno what to say..
there messages also mean that.. My 3years plan after this might stil work 50/50 only.. *sweat*so how.. Anyone can give me some idea:) anyway.. While i writing this.. Suddenly this Pop into my mind..i guess i should get 7bfs.. So they can manage my office for me like from monday till sunday.. Kidding *wink*
so go back to my topic.. i studied mass comm.. Want to direct a horror movie and make malaysia production proud. But after so many production in malaysia filming horror movie d.. That dreams faded.. So.. What i wanna do if really resign.. See.. Now you guys know why i never left my work.. I seriously having this problem.. Cant decide what to do..
thanks for reading.. And do give some comment on what should i do and if you can.. Do pls share with me your story too..Stay tune on my next post about my office.. Nothing much related but.. Very informative.. At least you know how does the chicken die here ma.. right..*cheers*

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