Saturday, January 16, 2010

conversation between me and my 3rd sis~

it's 11.30pm~

as usual~ i'm driving to work and my sis texted me

sis: u want sk2 face lotion? i cant use, give u if u want

me: wah.. why u cant use ar? too oily? give me use la than... haha
(u know la.. kiasu ppl like me.. just take.. NO NEED MONEy mah.. RIGHT PPL?)

sis: not oily, that's why i cant use, this sk2 aqua base not ngam me

me: oh.. okok

sis: u got toner rite.. use after toner ya~
sis: u age 23 liao, must jaga then u will look good, when age 30 like *M* very very jaga till now got baby face so envy

me: no wor, i don have toner

sis: what is this!! *M* face likes urs, she said get KOSE, same quality as sk2 but cheaper price type

me: okok.. tomolo i will go get than

sis: u got nice skin so must even kiasu to jaga so u will look good at even 30 40 50... frens will envy
sis: we don envy u drive bmw but u wil envy auntie with nice complexion and fair skin.. hahahahha

------ conversation kinda end there.. lolx---------------

so i guess my first 2010 NEW YEAR RESOLUTion will be.... JAGA MY FACE SO I WILL LOOK GOOD.. lolx... ohwell.. and i'm 24 this year d.. @@" sei mou~

anyway.. me and my family.. doenst really talk much face to face... we text each other, even she just upstairs or what ever.. hahaha..

2 dreams:

vOon said...

yes...and very soon..we need to use anti aging skin care d T_T

dreamydolls said...

ohya.. and the last msg.. actually is about anti anging... is like... wtF lo... sobzzz.... OMG..