Sunday, January 24, 2010

i miss schooling life lo~

been hanging up with the *younger* one quiet often lately... THEY ARE LIKE JUST 2~3 years old younger la.... but i still call them kids when with them.. LoLx

OHYA~ did i mention that i feel young...(ok la.. i'm gonna be 24 this year.. but still i'm young in heart k)

i miss schooling life... missing those days when u need to rush some task with ur mates... stay up till late night just to finish ur projects and so~ (of coz u will feel stress.. but working life also wart... )

so... since i have miss school life so badly ( another reason for me for having a uniform clubbing night) i have invited my besties~ and frens to LIBRARY.. *yay~** u hear it right... i mean u read it right.. it's a pub located at cineleisure now reknown as e@curve

and the main purpose of BACK TO SCHOOL party is... TO HAVE FUN la... *wink wink wink*

all u need to do is.... bring urself here with of coz wear some uniform like of custome/ clothes...

so, who ever is free on that nigth, pls do drop by and dress up as macho macho or sizzzling hot uniform *evil grin* muahahahah~

am so excited about the party.. because it's the night of my official hols during cny..

loads of luppzzz~

2 dreams:

Jack Ng said...

sound so evil ...... EVILSSSSSSSSSS !!!!

dreamydolls said...

Lol.. I'm evil babe