Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine vs Chinese new year~

2010.. is a very special year to me~ (= =" ) is like the first time ever beeen single during valentine after 7years.... 0~me

and gratefull enough.. it's valentine on the first day of chinese new year.. that's means.. even staying at home, i wont feel akward lo... *yay*

anyway.. when comes to this tough decision~ how u gonna spent ur time... FAMILY or BF/GF... ( at least i don have to suffer about this issue since i'm alone... *sour*)

and so~ California Pizza Kitchen is smart enough to launch a'Double Happiness Celebration' in regconition of February 's twin milestones ...

Special Dinner Menu For Two @ MYR 88 ++

which includes a choice of selected half size salad , a choice of selected one pizza and one pasta and a choice of two glasses of mocktails or sparkling wine

letture wraps- *wok fried praw and chicken and wrap urself with letture + special sauces* yummy~~

miso salad- * a very mild miso paste and fresh vege* me likey~*

thai crunch salad

chinese chicken salad

kung poa spaghetti
garlic noodle!

peking duck pizza~

ohya.... did i tell u guys before that i never have a second stomach for dessert.... but definately not for this time....
hot fudge brownie sundae.... the ice cream is the bomb... *wink*

red velvet cake~ order this on vday coz it's so sexayyy... *weeee*
and of cause... the last one which is my most fav.... ohhh!

tiramisu *2thumbsup* hahahahahah....

camwhore section~

simon~ me ~ coco

hahahahahaha.... we were too happy to take pic beside simon.. coz our face look so tiny....

and lastly... thanks for coco who invite me as her guest for the great lunch... early valentine celebrated with her.. hoho~ so u guys don get jealous k.. muahahahhaha~

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Irenelim said...

Yummy food, looks like time to make a call to California Pizza Kitchen! You wanna come again? :)

dreamydolls said...

ohh.. thanks~ if u going. i will tag along.. hehehe

Jack Ng said...

haha ..... finally single in last 7years wor ...... how u know in this last few days , u wont have another leh !? muahahahha ..........
so when u wan to treat me eat !?

alex yue said...

Enjoy you single when you can.. :0

Btw.. If Simon still single you also partner with him ma.. Hahaha.. Simon a funny guy..

dreamydolls said...

jack jack: no one wants me lo... isshhh~

alex: hahahahaha. u lagi funny lo..

Simon Seow said...

Yeah. My big fat face is very useful indeed lol. I want to go back for their Tiramisu.

dreamydolls said...

> simon: *nod* their tiramisu is damn damn nice lo... i wanttt... hehehe