Monday, January 18, 2010

day2 @ day trip outside manado~

we have booked the transport from the hotel rp500,000 (rp100k per pax is RM37)
12hours tour (consider cheap)

and so our first station is tomohon~ known as flower city (but is not how flowery as u think.. or maybe it's the wrong season.. (that's only make sense why i don see lotsta flower.. or maybe i was expecting too much)
but.. the place is still great..... i love tomohon~ so relaxing and enjoying.. i mean the scenary was great... enviroment and air... *wink*

once u walk pass the entrance.. after few hundred meters..u will see a building.. my first guess was a church.... which is true... *how romantic...*

the church is facing mt.lokah (famous volcanoe in manado here)

group pic of us..

than... we walk to........... i really dunno what this place call... (fyi we still at tomohon..)

ok la.. i admit i love to camwhore... behind me is a toilet... hahahaha

and omg.. i love this place so much... it makes me feel.. EMO~ hahahaha.. coz it;s like so pretty till u need a bf to take some nice romantic shots like this~

poor anthony.. the only guy during this whole trip.... look at his face.. *we force him to tkae pic with us.. hahaha.... anyway.. one of the behind the scene pic... very tiring lo~

now... behind me is a tunnel.. (kinda creepyy coz there's bats.. )
the tunnel lead us to another world.. lolx.. lame~ hahaha
actually after the tunnel.. there's statue... about the story of JESUS...

and next... second station is hill of hope.... bukit kasih~

okay... here's the thing.. once we reach the place.. there so many ppl selling stuff to us.. * u will know if u have been to those attraction.. ppl keep pushing u to buy somethign from them.. *
so .. here.. they sell corn.. i mean cooked corn.. so i was kinda suprise how and where they cook it... and once i reach near to the hill.. i saw them.. cook the corn.. with those hot spring water.. and u know hot spring water smells like sulfurs.. OMG... i don dare to try....

okok.. after a short visit to hill of hope..
3rd station was Lake Linow (Danau Linow)

and it's like so beautifull and i wouldnt want to leave this place..... how peaceful~
and i really in love with the scenary...
ok.. after this.. actually we have been to most of the nearby attraction... just some of the small spots.... (actually the driver wasnt sure about it also..)
so he bring us to waterfall.. at first.. we were so excited.... *can play water mah*

we passby paddy fields... by driving pass those really rocky road.... *dizzy*

and turn out..... we just stand from far and take pic with it... == seriously speechless lo~

before heading back to hotel.. we change our mind.. we ask the driver to fetch us to beach.. and here we are....

and somehow i manage to snap this pic.. a local guy playing guitar.. hahaha... kind a cool~
i love the breeze

wisata bahari
a floating restaurant..actually it's just build beside the sea la..hehe... i wonder why, everyone just introduce this place.. while i just rated the food here *mama only* too sweet for my liking.. but price... it's consider reasonable la.. if in malaysia.. i guess it will cost a bomb....

after dinner.. we were send back to hotel... freaking tired.... and need to rest early.. because another adventure will begin... OHWEELLLL>> we spent 4.2mil again.. hahahahaha

for more funny frog pic... do stay tune... hahahahah~

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sniffa93_aznil4eva said...

interesting lorh

dreamydolls said...

hahaha.. thanks babe~

Marly said...

oh oh oh! The pictures were wonderfully taken and the scenery is very spectacular. I love traveling too. And I love taking pictures a lot :)


dreamydolls said...

> hie marly.. thanks commenting...

Lovespeller said...

didnt noticed kah...
MRS Lee yen yen haaha