Wednesday, January 13, 2010

day 1~ manado

manado~ 1 of the small town of indonesia located at north sulawesi.
i think manado wasnt a very famous place to visit for non divers... (i bet you ask anyone about manado, no one will manage to answer u unless they are divers... )

airasia actually cut down the frequent to fly to manado (thanks to them, we have extra 1 day at manado already)

the flight is 3.40hours, so we arrive manado at 4.40pm.... >.< (i hate long hour flights)

we straight head to travello hotel located at manado town (jalan sudiman no. 123.... *ohhh.... i actually memorized their addresss...LoL)

room for 2pax cost Rp 395, 000 per night with breakfast (0.00037 exchange rate.. RM145)

not a very big room.. but good enough for 2 pax (free wifi/ lan internet service)
after check in... we went for dinner @ texas chicken.. and the malu case happen....

after dinner... we walk around the area. ^^

and headed to manado biggest shopping mall.... > mega mall *lolx*

2FULL TROLLEYS....(this bunch of ppl really can shop)
ok la.. actually the left trolley is fake... hahahha....

anyway.. that's all for day 1... do stay tune on my next post... MUCH MUCH FUN~

-back to hotel and our BINTANG section- weeeeee*

2 dreams:

wen pink said...

wow indonesia! i wanna go! i havent been there before! and u r going Universal Studio in Sg.. so envious of me! T__T

dreamydolls said...

isshh isshh.. i think korea macam more fun than indonesia lo.. and ya.. me going singapore lo.. u want to join me.. hahahaha